Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by laurencarter, Sep 24, 2008.

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  1. If you have another medical say three years after you have been in the TA are they less inclined to get rid of you unless it is very serious? just wondering thats all?
  2. Read this and read this carefully. If you are not another arrser on a massive series of waahs then pay attention

    You are not in the Army yet, you appear to be some kind of troll about all things medical within the Army.

    Do not even think of PM'ing me about this subject like you have all the rest. Please die in an amusing and public manner.
  3. Wernt actually for me it was somebody in the TA who has developed hypertension, but is scared of taking medication.

    You are very angry tonight arnt you Mr original?
  4. Angry? no. Bored of you and your bone questions, yes.

    Your mate in the TA should be bright enough to take his or her medication and to speak with the MO about it. Hypertension, if treated properly (and controllable) won't normally mean being discharged.
    You sure its not you?
  5. No defo aint me. I just remember you saying that if you had un treated hypertension whilst joining it probably would be a no. Interesting how they look at it different when you are in
  6. Not really, its common sense.
  7. Not really cos you arnt allowed to be taking medication when you go for your initiall medical, but you are allowed on follow up medicals
  8. give me strength.

    when you are at your initial medical you are a civvy. the army is not likely to take you on just so it can pay your medical bills. there is no reason they should take the risk

    when you have been in a while, the army has trained you, spent money on you, and to an extent needs you as you are now skilled at a job. not to mention there is often a good chance that your condition was brought about or made worse by your duties and PT in the army.
    therfore, it is a)cheaper to fix you than boot you and train somebody else and b) only fair seen as if they broke you they should have a jolly good crack at fixing you.

    you're not exactly a shining star are you?
  9. mmm wot trade to assign her?
  10. I would suggest you approach your prospective unit with these questions, not to this forum. If it is the case you are asking on behalf of someone else, they need to approach their unit.

    The answers that you may get here are not finite and will most definitely be different to the ones that come from the unit involved.

    I mirror some of the sentiment displayed by'theoriginalphantom', why are you asking so many questions aimed at medical fitness? One would be forgiven in thinking there was something suspect about your motives.