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Ive been going through the recruiting process for over a year now.. and very confused as i cant get a straight answer about whats happening with the NRC, i sat my adsc last year 25th may, broke my hand before i got to basic, deffered 6 months, currently going through my selection etc at the minute, i was up for adsc about a mont ago and got deffered for high blood pressure (White Coat) went to my GP, got the results i needed and sent them up.. i got a call yesterday from nrc saying the results have been approved and im ready for basic, a few hours later he rang and told me i might need to go and sit a shorter version of selection, what im wandering (as he doesnt know himself) is that if i go to the selection will i have to resit another full medical even though ive redone a full medical a month back (including resiting Blood Pressure test as thats the main concern) ive been held back over a year as ive already stated and really itching to go!!

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