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Good afternoon

I am just looking to see if anyone on here has been on in the same situation as me and what their outcome was.

So my application was flying through and I was just waiting on my medical records to be reviewed and then I was to get a date for 2 day assessment.

Then this morning I woke up from a letter from the army doctor saying I was medically unsuitable due to 2 courses of oral steroids I took when I was 1 and 6 for asthma (I'm now 25) and haven't had a problem with it since them. After panicking and thinking that was my chances of the army was finished I was told I could appeal by getting as much proof from my doctor saying I haven't had any problems since I was 6..

My 1.5 mile is 10.20, I run 3/4 times a week, regularly go to gym and hiit classes where my breathing would be put under pressure and I haven't had a problem

I'm just wondering if anyone has been in the same boat and what their outcome was..

Thanks in advance
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