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I've been in the process of joining the army for just over a year now, everything was going well, went to ADSC got deferred on my medical for a stomach problem I had when I was younger, but haven't had any symptoms for over 11 years I was told it would be fine by the doctor and it just had to be looked over once more before i could continue my process, I continued to complete the physical part of ADSC and to my knowledge did fine as at the interview I was told I would be put forward to PRAC and told I would hear back about my deferral within 6 weeks then after that I would go on to do PRAC

3 months past and I finally got a letter stating due to having chronic idiopathic Inflammatory bowl disease as a child I was military graded as a P3 and medically limited deploy-ability and told I would be permanently unsuccessful to join the British army, to my knowledge a P3 means some one who has to constantly take medicine and have a strict diet and still has a disease etc, I haven't had to take medicine for over 11 years and I have a normal everyday diet, I was told I was symptom free and that I no longer had the said disease 11 odd years ago but still have been given a P3, I would class my self as super fit running 5 times a week, running a 1.5 mile in 8.3, going to the gym 6 days a week and playing rugby twice a week I also work a physical demanding and sometimes under a lot of pressure and stressful job so I feel I would be more than ready to join and perform In anything that was chucked my way.

If I appeal what are the chances of it being changed from a P3? I've already booked an appointment to see my GP to collect evidence that I am fit and disease free for the 11 odd years iv talked about, I was wondering If anyone els has come across this problem? And if anyone could give me possible advice on what I could do more to prove I am fit for service, any advice good or bad is welcome I'm just at lose end on what to do as joining the army is all I've ever wanted to do its been a massive kick in the teeth.
in particular I think this may cover it

"4E.06. Inflammatory bowel disease. Candidates with a history of inflammatory bowel disease, including but not limited to unspecified regional enteritis, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or ulcerative proctitis are graded P8, regardless of treatment (including surgery)"
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