Medically fit for duty...?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by J20gU3, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. This perhaps is a bit specific but I think it's better if I find out now rather than later. I have been in the TA for just over a year now and in the recent summer I got ill for about a week or two that persisted with a sore throat. Since I got an infection a lymphnode under my neck is now swollen/grown in size and it's been that way for about 2-3 months. I don't have anything wrong with me infact I don't ever notice it but would it affect me being medically fit as to wether or not I would be classed as medically fit for duty. Do doctor check for this when assesing you?

    If they found it which they definatly would, would I be classed as being medically unfit even though there isn't a thing wrong with me?

    How could I get around this?

    Any help/advice would be appriciated thank you.
  2. As your GP if you are fit for Operations - if so get a letter stating that.
  3. Would the GP know the medical to carry out for an operational tour?
    Or would I need to go to the unit doctor first?

    Sorry for being a mong I just have no idea where to start.
  4. Putting aside the question of medical fitness for the moment.

    Any enlarged gland that remains present past a few weeks needs checking by a doctor, regardless of whether you want to join the TA. Go see your GP this week and get it checked.

    And yes any decent recruiting medical would locate it, don't hide it as failure to declare it would be a defect in enlistment and lead to discharge if it was found that you had lied.

    Look after your health first, then once you've got the all clear the TA won't be able to refuse you.
  5. Oh thank you...I had no intention of hiding it I just wouldn't know wether or not to declare it. If someone did ask me if I had something wrong I wouldn't really think much about it as I barely ever notice it. I'll remember to declare it for future reference.
  6. Please do go to your own GP though and get it sorted out, you'll probably need a blood test. The doc doing the medical will just tell you to go back to your own GP anyway.
  7. Lymph nodes are the body's early warning system & can enlarge due to infections or disease. FFS, forget fit for duty and get fit for life!
  8. My first GP knew the criteria so was well useful, my second was ex-reg so knew the score my third had no idea so I told her what I needed on the form :)

    Bollox! The TA can easily refuse you - either by mistake or just because they don't like you!

    Or most likely because there are so many people and different systems/criteria/anomalies thrown together in the TA a simple Limit to a medical or a request being sent to the wrong unit can scupper your chances.

    Get to the quack, get it sorted then worry about your deployment.