medically downgraded?

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by F_A_B__BABY!, Oct 10, 2006.

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  1. a quick question, I've torn my MCL,ACL and have a small tear on the rear aspect of my miniscus, should I be medically downgraded? and if so what sort of level would I be downgraded too? I'm serving in a TA unit, any relevant advice would be appreciated.

  2. OK, I'll give it a go. As I understand it-

    A regular would be P7R HO(NNI). In English, you are restricted to limited service in the UK only, excluding Northern Ireland (unless of course you live there!). The limitations are dependent on injury. In your case I suppose it's lower limb work. People can attend drill nights and training in reduced medical categories, although not if you are off sick from your normal job. You are non-deployable in that Med Cat.
  3. FCUK! as I suspected, I'm back to work full time and do live in N.I., but we dont do anything remotely Norn Irony in the TA. I'm a little concerned as to how it will effect my training year. I'll speak to my own chain, thanks for your reply.

  4. F_A_B, bit of advice mate, make sure you get the meniscus injury sorted, mine is totally knackered now as I got the wrong advice from the MO/Physio and ran on it for ages.
  5. No meniscus now...knee replacement later... Grab a comfy chair in the Legion.
  6. M-T-G and DK. yeah I'm fully aware of the danger of bad advice, I've had my knee reconstructed twice and it's always taken me a long time to get back. This time I went private and the consultant was superb, he talked about the complete process and is certain that the meniscus tear will repair provided I dont run on it for the next 6-7 months and keep up the exercise programme he gave me to do. So I'll be heeding EVERY word he says. thanks for the words guys.

  7. Sorry to "ambush" this thread, but am i correct in thinking that someone who is "P7" HO(UK) permanent cannot be deployed out of the UK? If so, does anyone have the correct reference?

    Many thanks,
  8. PULHHEEMS pamphlet is your source for reference

    that is the basis of the catergory P7 HOME ONLY (UNITED KINGDOM)
  9. Actually wrong, Home Only is also Germany. I was p7 Home Only whilst based in Germany. It is classed as a "home" station.
  10. Not if it states UK after the home only bit!
  11. Er mine did, and Germany is classed as a UK station. Came straight from Haslars mouth!!
  12. It is true. People can be P7 in Germany if it is their normal duty station. You cannot however be posted to Germany from UK whilst downgraded P7.

    There is a JSP that contains all the medical category info, but the exact number escaps me. I'll try and look it up.
  13. yes

    Germany is classed as a home posting!

    P7 HO and HONNI has been replaced with P7 HOUK
  14. Many thanks for the reply's.

    What about Operational Tours - TELIC/HERRICK, or tours to the Balkans and Falklands. Does P7 HO (UK) stop you going to these places - just been warned off i may be going somewhere very soon, but have little faith in my command and their ability to check the regulations correctly.
  15. Yes it does hence being Home Only (United Kingdom).