Medically Downgraded (P/T) and carer courses

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, May 16, 2007.

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  1. What is the score with getting them past this hurdle. I know two (one permanent and other temp) downgraded who have been told this stops them from attending Cpl and Sgt CLM(V) (detties and staffies course).

    This is obviously holding up their promotion (they are in jobs where the downgraded isn't a problem)

  2. As far as I know, JMQC/SMQC/CLM candidates must be either graded P2 (fully fit) or long time down graded. By long term down graded, it generally means for a period of at least 6 months starting from the first day of the course. This is because it may raise the issue of potential career foul in accordance with the disability discrimination act. In this situation, all reasonable actions are to be taken by training staff to allow the candidate to complete as much of the course as possible within the limits of their injury/disibility.

    If the candidate is graded P3 but expected to recover to P2 within the next 6 months, then they are expected to complete their recovery in order to allow them to complete the course to their maximum potential. They should be loaded onto the first available course after recovery.

    Hope this helps
  3. BM

    Just to clarify, if you're P3'd, and not likely to be P2'd within 6 months of the start date of the course, you still attend the course?

    I've been downgraded due to knee problems, and been advised on light duties for a further year (undergoing physio). I was under the impression that there were to be tailor-made courses for us biffs (and fat blokes) specifically for this reason?

    The handbook states that medical-downgraded (as well as those on AGAI) are entitled to undertake career progression courses?

    If I were to even attempt my DETTIES course, I'd wind up down the local A&E as I'd carry on until my leg fell off (as I did on the cadre where it initially happened!!)

    It seems a fruitless exercise having us biffs on a fully-fit course, as you're only as effective as fast as the slowest man!
  4. According to BM you would be excused phys.
  5. But the three day/night Ex is ALL phys? Just put two sets through, and they've all said the same thing, it's hard-going and the even binned some people from the offest!?

    I don't think you can hold a DETTIES course for those fighting-fit AND downgraded toms because one or t'other won't get the full benefit from the Ex?

    Best stick to separating the course, there are enough long-term biff chits who would benefit from a more classroom-based course.

    Logistically, it would make more sense to separate the two at least for the field Ex.
  6. If you are down graded for LESS than 6 months, then you CAN NOT attend. The reason being that you will be able to attend to the best of your abilities after this period.

    If you are down graded for LONGER than this period, then you CAN attend as it raises the possibility of a career foul if you are held back.

    I smashed my foot up training for a promotion course (irony). The MO decided that I was probably going to be down graded for over a year, so I was still allowed to attend the course. There wasn't a lot of phyz in the course any way, and the only real issue was my kit on exercise. This was all dropped off at the harbour area, and I did as much tabbing as my injury would allow. It' quite surprising how good some training teams are at beasting you no-matter what you can physically do! Your admin and basic skills still have to be of a sufficiently high standard.

    The aim of promotion courses is not to see who can tab the fastest, but to test your leadership in camp and the field. Basic skills are not tested - you are expected to be slick at them anyway as you're a trained soldier. Obviously if you're infantry then different rules may apply as Brecon is a feckin killer and beyond the "less than able-bodied". Trade courses and those that require a certain level of fitness to complete have different rules, and these should be clarrified by your PSI or the course admin staff, and attendance is usually at the training teams discression.

    Edited to add - If in doubt, just give the course admin cell or training teams a call - they'll give you the definitive answer.