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medically discharged

could some one get in touch and explain to me bout the med discharge as i am in my last stage of signing of with 4 months left even tho im getting out as i signed of they put me thro a med board were the LT COL OM CONS dude said take uniform of as you are now m.d , i have looked into this my self a little and found out even tho the LT COL OM CONS told me im m.d that glasgow will make the finaly call . also to that bk in 2005 i put a claim in for my injury and was awarded 3000 will this effect my pay out if i get accepted by glasgow .
Colin , you daft Jock,

If you keep posting the same question all over the place, you will just piss people off.
You have been given the advice you need, get on with it.

I have just sat my med board at which they MO and Doc are unsure if i am entitled to any sort of resettlement package as the policy about reserves has changed in the last couple of years, any help would be very helpful
Search the Internet for PAP10, it's available as a pdf and will guide you.