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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by lynne78, May 23, 2011.

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  1. can anyone possibly tell me when someone gets medically discharged after 17 years in the signals, as a full screw what sort of terms and financial package you can expect to get.:flower:
  2. There is a small booklet (which should be available in any medical centre and possibly CHRS offices) which gives some details about the process and contact details.
  3. Use the search function(top right of home page) type in Medical Discharge.Several threads on the subject.Good luck with it.
  4. PM sent.

  5. As all the advice said above, and in all teh other threads.

    In short though you will get an immediate (taxable) pension based on time served and rank reached, with a tax free lump sum worth 3 x that annual amount.
    Your FMED 24 is the document that you put in all your medical conditions that you blame teh Army for, and you put EVERYTHING in to that, it only fits about 5-6 lines so do a stand alone document that they just attach. I know some people have written over 20 pages..... and some who wrote 3 lines... You can imagine who walks away with jack shit from those 2 people....

    as your being medically discharged your FMED 24 will be picked up by the SPVA automatically, but not until the day you become a civvy..... They will then assess what the Army is attributable for and probably automatically **** you off. Any injuries/illness pre 05 Apr 2005 will come under War Pension (WP) and anything later is AFCS. Waiting times for appeal for WP is aprox 4-6 months. AFCS is closer to 18 months.....

    loads of organisations out there to help you through everything. PM me if you need any contact details or advice.

    Good luck with everything and remember the people at SPVA dont get promoted for dishing money out, so be prepared fro a fight
  6. Make sure you take the option to review your own medical docs!
  7. JSP 765 (Armed Forces Compensation Scheme) will give you all the information you want in order to be able to work out what you will receive, bearing in mind you will not know what % disability SPVA will award you so work out several % awards e.g. 20%. 30%, 40% etc.

    Part of your discharge process under PAP10 is your unit giving you a pension forecast so if you can't do sums, wait until this happens and if it doesn't, yell loudly!

    Hope this helps and the JSP is worth reading even if you are not able to do sums as it has lots of useful info in it.
  8. thanks guys for all your help,, im the ex wife of the 16 year full screw who got arse raped over the divorce and finances, as i have the better financial job and income, but im determined he aint going to **** over our son and maintance payments, when he says his discharge date is 20th july and has not been told what financial package he is going to get,,,,im begining to think he is trying to pull the wool,, and says he will only be able to pay me 5 quid a week maintanence till he finds a job!!!!looser,,,
  9. as I said before all he will know or should know is basically how much he will get from time served rank reached table. anything above and beyond that can take a good 18+months to get from the system if his injury/illness comes under AFCS
  10. Nothing like the bitter ex-wife to know about getting arse raped over finances.
    Been there ex wife screwed me even though I was paying £50 a week back in 95.
    A word of advise don't go after any pension he gets because he will be entitled come after yours. Just a word of warning.

  11. Sorry about your circumstances, but felt obliged to reply. Hubby is being disharged on 28th July and his letter arrived with a pension forecast this morning, he is a sgt and we were hoping for more then what is quoted. There is no mention of compensation and at present it is taxable. I came here to see if I could find out more about time frames as at present we will be loosing over £2000 a month from July. Feel like crying - I do work and this helps but oh god this is depressing and stressful, so give the bloke a break and let him get his life in some sort of order before turning into a vulture.
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    Your like a reformed smoker!

    Be careful what you wish for!