medically discharged under QRs 9.385 what am i entitled too ???

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by mojokart, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. hey all finally after 1 and half years of waiting my medical discharge came through a couple of days ago and i now have 4 months left in the army. but what i would like to know is what am i entitled too money wise and pension wise i have been told i will receive the full medical discharge because the army has admitted fault . but what i dont know is do i get a lump sum and pension ? war pension etc etc all help greatl apreciated
  2. Mojo, if you are medically discharged as a result of an attributable injury then you will qualify for an award under AFCS if the original injury occurred post April 2005 or War Pension Scheme if before April 2005. You will also receive a pension.

    As you're being medically discharged your claim will be automatic and you should shortly receive a letter from SPVA Glasgow letting you know how much your pension will be. SPVA Glasgow can be contacted on 0141 224 3600.

    Veterans website has loads of useful info on it, link:Veterans-UK
  3. I would also get in touch with the RBL as they can help with claims and some of the legal stuff if it is required. Good luck when you come out.
  4. thanks guys just wanted some clarification . how do i find out roughly how much i will get is their a tariff or sumin ?
  5. JSP 765 (The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme) will inform you as to what the possible results of your caim will be, alternatively look here:
  6. As you've already been told, SPVA will send you a letter.

    More details here: Medical Discharges

    Fact File

    and if you can use a computer, then you should be fine from here.

    (You've made me miss Corrie).
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    You mean they don't respond to Arrse threads and PM full details. What do they do 24/7 FFS.
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  8. I sometimes despair.

    Oh, and for future reference, can everyone please save this chart? It will stop me missing crap telly programmes.


    1. Amount of GRT is in working days.
    2. This includes Reservists who are Medically Discharged due to injuries sustained during operational commitments.
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    Now some twats going to want an explanation - I preferred the "PICK UP THE PHONE YOU IDLE MAN" and ask method.

    PS: it sounds like you need sky sport.
  10. I added the notes afterwards, copied from the websites I posted. I'm not in school, I got my "Byeeeeee" Med Board Letter this morning, so even though I haven't learnt anything from my Resettlement Briefing (hahaha - that was a joke - "Sir, that's wrong, let me show you the up to date stuff"), or anything else, I still know where to look for things (unlike the telly changer, which I think the dog is lying on).

    Any chance that you can merge all these really rivetting questions that no-one has asked before into one thread please?

    Oh, and can you do it tonight, because I'm sure you've got nothing better to do. It's only 2108hrs on a Friday.

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