Medically discharged in week 9 of CIC, what happens next ?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by AJ1992, Oct 28, 2012.

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  1. Right this story is a bit long so bear with me.

    I've been struggling with posterior tibial stress syndrome aka shin splints for quite a while , albeit at a manageable level where I was able to control it with ibuprofen & lots of stretching.

    But last week while tabbing, I was suffering from an unusual pain in my shins which I battled through and finished with the whole platoon, simply putting it down to my shin splits that come and go. However in the hours / days that followed the pain began to worsen to the point I was struggling to walk at all.

    I was sent to med centre to then be referred to physio who told me I had possibly caused a stress fracture or ligament damage and that due to my persistent shin splints I'm unsuitable for infantry training. I was sent back to the doc for further testing who came to the conclusion that due to my "unusual" lower limb mechanics, I have caused significant but not permanent damage to the tendons around my soleus muscle, and that while the injury would heal, it would only return should I resume training. Therefore he made the decision to medically discharge me.

    I have been sent home on unit sick leave untill next Monday where I will be seen by a med board.

    What do I do now ? Will they pretty much tell me to piss off from Monday ? Or will I be kept on unit sick leave for months until it's all sorted. I ask because I plan on visiting a family friend who is a physio who thinks he can help "cure" my problems , at which point I want to reapply for a different corps - as combat med to be exact. The longer it takes to be discharged means I will have to wait longer before I can re-apply correct ? I'm generally seeking any info if you have heard of any situations similar to myself.
  2. Deep breaths Dale, deep breaths.

    If you are on unit sick leave, you should have a PRO or an assisting officer, who should be helping you through this whole process.

    You will need to have someone like that with you at the Med Board anyway.

    Oh, and it's Corps, not Core.

    If it's in Catterick, PM me.
  3. I don't understand this. I did my L/Cpl Cadre course at the HDCC at Pirbright in '79/80 ( I think) There was multi fit, normal fit and me. Regardless, after the first week we were in pieces, walking was absolute agony (thank you Sgt Duncan MacRae) and it took all of us 10 minutes to walk to the 200m to the TocH for a cheese roll and a brew. However, the very next morning we did it again, and again and we all passed.

    Shin splints and there's one about knees as well, WTf is that all about? These 'ailments' didn't exist when I was in training?
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  4. I'm not sure what the obligation is to return you as close to fit as possible is before you are discharged, you would like to hope that you will get some form of rehabbefore you hand in your I.D. card.
  5. Umm yes they did, only 'back in the day, when we had the long gun and bum rolls and Active Edge, blah blah' there was a different attitude towards injury. If you went sick, then every man and his dog, labelled you as sick lame or lazy. You had to have an open fracture or bits missing for anyone to realise that your weren't a skiving ****. It was that kind of shite attitude that has led to so many ex-service people being permanently disabled now. Thank **** that medical and physio treatment in the forces is a thousand times better than it was, the same as peoples' attitude toward injury. Hopefully this guy will get the right rehabiliative care from the physio and he can come back and go on to a full career, instead of being thrown on the scrap heap, like so many before. Good luck to him
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  6. Ah yes my mate Dunc! I was in '63 - '86. Want to see my knee-replacement op scars?
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm just a bit annoyed at the lack of info I've been given from the staff. I have been told told to drive up tonight and be on camp before 7pm as I'm seeing the med board tomorrow. I haven't even been told how long to pack for. Do I assume it's a couple of days max, or do I pack for a few weeks ? I seem to be the last person to know anything about what's happening with me. All my kit has been packed away and put into the luggage store I assume I will hand all that back into stores tomorrow as well. But I reall don't know.
  8. If you have a (possible) stress fracture you shouldn't be driving anywhere - the vibrations will a) make the pain worse and b) delay the healing process (and I'm impressed that you've been diagnosed in not having one without a MRI or bone scan).

    Which ******* muppet told you to drive up?
  9. Well as I used my 2 travel warrants I have no choice but to drive up, I Agee a three hour drive won't do me any good, but I have no other alternative means of getting up there.

    As for the lack of scans; the doc came to the conclusion that it's just ligament / tendon damage and sent me on my way with anti-inflamitaries and co-codamol.
  10. Get the train, then a taxi/see if they'll send the duty driver. You'll be able to claim it back, I'm sure a clerk will advise.
  11. If you're on sick leave you don't have to use personal warrants to get anywhere. Your unit has a substantial pot of money to get injured people around the country. Phone up the duty instructor, tell him/her you're getting the train and then claim the cost back via JPA. If you can't do that (skint or whatnot) get them to order you a taxi to get you there and then they pay for it.

    My Dr concluded it was ligament damage, which meant I continued to walk on a fractured leg for 4 weeks, resulting in 12 weeks on crutches instead of the more usual 6. You need to get to a Regional Rehab Unit and not rely on your Med Centre Dr.

    Have you PM'd The Snail yet? Do so, now, she's pretty switched on with all this stuff.
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  12. Well my platoon sgt said I'm to make my own way there & back as I had used my warrants previously. I think there trying to pull a fast one and save admin for themselves if I'm honest.

    Also while on sick for 2 days before being sent home on leave I was sent to CQMS where I was made to carry rolls of razor wire , barbed wire and sledge hammers from out on the yard into the stores. It pissed me off that I'm medically unfit and not alloud to march yet I'm made to do shit jobs that in my opinion did more damage.
  13. I'm not really in a position to be buying train tickets either , I was underpaid by £160 ( yet to be explained why) which has left me deep in the red after being sent home where I've had to buy my food ect , I've had to borrow £140 off my parents just to get me through the past week as I don't get paid untill Wednesday coming ... and I now have £10 in my wallet to last untill then. I feel like I've just been left to my own devices with no help what so ever.
  14. Then phone them and tell them. I had a stress fracture at Catterick, and I was given travel warrants to get home on sick leave (which didn't come out of my entitlement).
  15. Serious question. Does that mean you are unsuitable for all military training? Could you rebadge to a Corp, where there would be less emphasis on "active" training?