Medically discharged - but wanting to joing the MPGS!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by shadow4509, Jan 14, 2008.

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  1. I was medically discharged in Jan 2006, i've had a year out with ongoing rehab and several successful operations. I've been doing a bit of this and a bit of that since getting out and i've pretty much had enough and the only ray of light i can see is joining the MPGS.

    Can anyone tell me if i'm able to join the MPGS if i have been medically discharged? Or any hurdles i may face on the way, i do consider myself to be fully medically fit!

    Thanks in advance
  2. MPGS entry criteria:

    ''Fitness eligibility: You must be medically fit, have a satisfactory or above discharge assessment and have a Body Mass Index below 40.''
  3. Well i am medically fit now and my bmi is 22. My discharge assesment would have been good other than the fact of being medically discharged. So do you know where this would leave me? Also would this apply to the TA?
  4. msr

    msr LE

    Same standards required for the TA - however, phone up your local unit and have a chat with them.

  5. I did have a lad come through the ACIO when i was there applying for MPGS who said he had been medical discharged some time before and got in. If you get through the first few phases you have to go through a medical only at the ADSC anyway, so if your fit now hopefully you ill be ok.
  6. Daft question, but may be relevant!

    is the MPGS not technically a civilian organisation? and therefore would the disability discrimination act not apply - ie. that they would not be able to bar you from entry for a medical problem that qualified as an injury or disability under the act?

    therefore, barring you for something like that would be illegal...
  7. I would of thought it was more military than civilian organisation but sure people will prove me wrong. You still get lots of benefits included with the job and have to have served in the military so obviously more directed in that area. There has to be medical criterias with the job because you have to be able to wear webbing and carry a weapon so would think the rules would be in favour of the MOD. However this wasnt my area whilst recruiting and left to my old boss so not a subject expert on this.
  8. The MPGS are part of the Provost Branch in the AGC, and so are actually, yes, I can't believe it ( ;) ), part of the Army and not civilian.
  9. Not a pop, no. honest it isn't. If you feel you are fit and really want to get back in the green skin, might it not be worth seeing if you can go reg again, even if it means re-trade training to a regt/corps with you current level of fitness.
  10. Thanks for the replies.

    Going regular is an option i have been thinking about but i think it may be a final option. The reason i have decided on the MPGS is for the simple fact that i am settled where i am (south devon) and that there are a number of MPGS postings available here. I have a mortgage and family here as well as other ties so don't really want to be posted abroad or anywhere else in the UK.

    I've tried calling the MPGS recruitment line but they are closed now so gonna give them a call in the morning and see what my options are.
  11. With that in mind, FTRS could also be an option, better than being a barrier tech near Exmouth :wink:
  12. Am i right in thinking the FTRS is basically a static posting at a unit if there is one available in your area??

    Before being medically discharged i was an Armourer (REME), so would i take up a post as an armourer if available?
  13. if it helps in anyway i was discharged medically 6 months ago, and went to my careers office, had a quick interview, and was instantly recommended for re enlistentment into the infantry so as there standards physically are much higher im sure you will be ok (also if it helps my injury was a recurring dislocating shoulder)
  14. Thanks for the reply.

    So you were recommended to get back in.. nice one! What happens to your medical pension? I'm happy to give mine up to get back in, is this what you had to do?

  15. Go to your local army careers office they will give you the guidance you require and complete the application