Medically (dentally) fit??

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by sig_nuggit, Jul 11, 2005.

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  1. I'm opting for TELIC8 in April but I know that I need some dental extractions on some crumbled teeth done.

    Firstly, does this need to be done before (even if the teeth in question don't act up in any way) and;

    Secondly, if I DO have them out, will that have an impact on me going? i.e. not being eligible for service for a period after treatment etc.
  2. Should not be a drama as long as you get them out sooner or later, i had a tooth out 3 weeks before mob and no problem so long as it heals up okay!
  3. Should not be a drama as long as you get them out sooner or later, i had a tooth out 3 weeks before mob and no problem so long as it heals up okay!
  4. The point, as I understand it, is that your teeth need to be in good nick before you go. In other words, sort the problem out before you arrive at Chilwell.

    There are operational reasons for having a decent set of gnashers (no one wants you to be tying a piece of string around a molar, the other end to a door, when you're meant to be in an OP) but I suspect money comes into it as well - they don't want to have to pay for expensive dental treatment for the thousands of punters being called up.
  5. When I went through Chilwell for Telic1, the only dental treatment on offer was extractions. Policy was have problem teeth extracted and continue with mobilisation, or be rejected as unfit. Since extracted teeth start to heal up in a matter of hours, its no impediment to mobilsation. Obviously the Army can't be expected to shell out on expensive or complex procedures for a draftee, but there was quite a lot of anger that They would not even provide the same basic dental care as for normal soldiers - ie fillings and minor repairs, etc.

    P.s. the dentist on duty told us he'd just extracted 17(?) teeth from a single TA individual - "the worst case of gum disease he'd ever seen". 8O Cripes! Imagine that....
  6. Some of our blokes on Telic 2 had dental work done and were re-embersed at Chilwell :mrgreen:
  7. I think he was winding you up mate.
    Plenty of people got rejected for bad teeth. The rule of thumb was if you needed more than 2 fillings or extractions then you got binned.
  8. Is that at the time of selection or at any time? I need about 5 out I reckon, and have had two before but if I get them done now how will that effect me joining?
  9. It's a bit silly to train people - and pay them bounty - for years, only to find that they can't do wars because they haven't been brushing their teeth properly. Maybe a dental inspection by the Commanding Officer should be a condition for being signed off for bounty.

    Anyhoo, this thread topic brings back fond memories of this:

  10. If we're going to go down the regular mobilisation route then I don't see any way round annual regular and comprehensive medical and dental checks, rather than the "are you still alive" PULHEEMS we get at the moment. Of course there's no money to pay for this although we've clearly plenty of money to waste paying soldiers we can't deploy. It was never a problem in the old days as we'd all have shipped out to face 3 Shock Army regardless of dental status.

    There will be trouble though, what happens when Pte X says he can't find a NHS dentist and can't afford to go private (not an uncommon experience these days) - do we discharge him ? Send him private via the Army ? Ditto for any other physical problems that crop up - if the NHS waiting list for Pte Y's op is 18 months do we bin him or pay for BUPA ?
  11. I never boticed that I had "bad" teeth, and never experianced any pain or problems. Turns out I have a collapsing molar. Chillwell nearly bounced me because of it (Telic 2). It took a bit of blagging to get them to let me go. They advised that I have it sorted before being mobilised again.

    I knew that there was something I had to do before Fingal Mobilisations kick off. :lol:

    We had a few bounced on Telic 1 for bad teeth. How they looked like cnuts when they got back to the unit. :lol:

    Still, at least they looked better than the white feather wearing, trench dodgers (you know who you are :x )
  12. Regulars get there teeth looked after for free, if the MOD expect the TA to remain molar fit they should pay for it.
    Having teeth is an expensive hobby in the real world.
  13. Once you are mobilised you get the same dental treatment that the regulars get. What they don't want is some scabby TA ratboy turning up with 10 hours worth of work needed because he's a scummy little tramp who has personal hygiene problems.

    I saw one goon at chilwel who had about 5 black teeth in the whole of his head, the dentists took one look and binned him on the spot. Lets face it if you can't look after your teeth to the extent that they turn black and fall out then how are you going to manage your personal admin in a war zone!
    The goon concerned actually thought he'd got a result because he was going home with a £400 call-out payment and 2 1/2 days pay - for nothing.

    An intelligence test would have also been wise. Some of the goons joining the TA shouldn't be allowed out without a minder. I know of more than one soldiers CR which said "this soldier should never have been mobilised and lacks even basic soldiering skills and basic common sense".
    The TA is supposed to be able to slot into the regular army at a moments notice - its up to the MOD to make sure they are doing the following
    a) employing the right people and not just any wannabe to make the numbers up.
    b) doing regular checks to ensure its personnel are up to the job physically (including health checks).