Medically deferred until 2013 (appeal?)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by aj2307, Jun 27, 2011.

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  1. So after 3 years of of getting myself back into shape, losing about 4.5 stone of fat, building up a nice amount of muscle, running 10k every other day I've just been told I've been medically deferred until May 2013. I havn't received my letter of rejection yet but went into AFCO this morning and was told by my recruiter, but he wasn't sure why, so started reeling off a bunch of potential reasons, which I assume where the most common ones which he thought it could be, none of them applied to me, however there is one slight hiccup in my medical history which is an accidental overdose. (seriously, I really was just that naive and stupid)

    Now, I've wanted to join the army my whole life and bust my arse for it for years now, only to be turned away before even getting the chance to prove myself, so obviously I'm going to appeal this decision as soon as I get my letter through the post, I'm just wondering if I'll get the chance during this appeal to sit down and speak to someone with the power to over-turn the decision and explain that I was a stupid naive kid, I have changed a massive amount, been through so much since then, in-fact I'm willing to admit I probably wasn't even read to be a soldier when I first applied, I was simply a boy, now I've matured a sh*t load and I KNOW I'm ready to commit to the Army 100% and make a career out of it!

    Any information on how the appeal process works would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  2. Wait till you get your Deferrment letter first and you can see the reason why, then get as much information together from your GP, Consultants and also if your part of any fitness/sport clubs/Cadets but mainly from yourself. This has nothing to do with the Recruiters/ACIO all we are are the middle men passing on mail. Once you have it all send it to the SMO at the ADSC (address on your letter) who will assess all the new information. Occasionally it can be overturned but only the SMO can do this. Im sure your Recruiters told you this anyway.
  3. Failing that.......commit suicide....oh.
  4. An accidental overdose hows that work then?
  5. They did not, appreciate the advice Sir. I'll be at the front door looking out for the postie bright and early.
    Ha, god that was low but it cheered me up ;)
  6. By taking drugs recreationally and going a step too far, like I said, I was a stupid kid.
  7. Ok?

    As mentioned above wait for the letter then appeal, however the reason you've been defered may very well be becasue of your answer above.
  8. I'm quite sure it is, I can't think of any other reason, I read through everything my doctor wrote on my forms and I was feeling quite positive about it, even the bit about the overdose has a transcript of my mandatory talk with a psychiatrist before I was discharged from hospital and it says I was fully co-operative, have no mental health issues, was just a night of pure stupidity, but I guess that counts for f*ck all at the end of the day.

    I'm not the same idiot who took the drugs, a person can change a lot in such a long period of time, I'd just like a chance to prove that to someone with some authority and try and sort the sorry mess out.
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