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  1. Hi all, i appreciate that you are not doctors but i was wondering whether anyone has had the same problem and could shed some light. I had acne in 2005 and was prescribed the mother of all cures, it cured up after about 6 months. I have gone today done my questionairre with my doctor who of course wrote that down. Then when i went to the Careers Office the guy there told me he was no doctor but the army may defer for up for 12 months to make sure the acne doesnt come back. This really worries me and i hope this doesnt happen. Any help accreciated.

  2. Seems a bit harsh. Do you continually have to use medication or has it gone completely? I thought they only had a problem if it was severe acne?
  3. I stopped the medication after the 6 months and ive been totally free from any sort of spots never mind allot of them. I dont know whether its been delayed yet, do you have any idea how long it takes to hear back?
  4. They're probably just being over cautious, since you've been medication free for nearly 3 years that should be taken into consideration surely? Unfortunately mate asking how long for med forms to come back is like how long is a piece of string. If I was you I'd give your ca a ring every now and again to see if they've heard back. Anyway mate, sorry I couldn't be of any help but good luck with your application.
  5. Thanks for the help, youve helped alot mate thanks.
  6. The DS answer is, twice half its length.

    I wouldnt worry about it, when i first went to join, i made the mistake of saying i got migranes after a bike crash, they didnt defer me, i just had to see a doc and tell him about it.
    Didnt delay me in any way, but its worth bugging them to see where your at regarding the deferment.