Speaking on behalf of a freind. He wants too join the army. But he has suffered last year from a little bit of depression. Do you think this will effect his application what so ever?

Many thanks.
It will effect his application, it depends on many factors:
1. Is it on his medical record?
2. Did he have medication?
3. What were the dates?

I was defered last month untill Aug because of depression, i had an entry of this on my medical records in March 07, but i had 6 months medication untill aug 07, which is why i have to wait. They want to see a year without any problems from the last date on the records, whether that is medication or just visiting the doctor. The good news like me as long as everything else is ok (medical) wise if you get defered you dont have to do any forms again you just can't go on selection untill that date.

Good luck, keep us posted. :D
You have a few friends with varying questions ;)

Depression is a bit of murky subject, it's down to a case basis rather than generalisation, and what the docs look out for.
Is this the same guy who is overweight, a smoker, wants to join soon, but already has? In which case you should know, seeing as you're a lance corpral eh?


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Due to recent experiance get a line from his Civ Doc as I have just lost a lad due to having depression 4 years ago, He was/is mad keen on joining up but due to the depression tag he is being turfed out. The cause of his depression was an ex bird so she has shafted him twice now.

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