Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by KERLEY, Mar 26, 2008.

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  1. I done my medical today!

    sending it of tomorrow first thing! so round about friday they should get the documents! how long usually does the medical documents take to be checked, and for me to get a phone call back?
  2. took me 5 weeks...but that was over the christmas holidays
  3. 5 weeks, over christmas, not too bad!

    as its easter break! do you think i may have the same problem
  4. It took mine 6 weeks and that was August so 4 to 6 weeks is probably a good ballpark figure.
  5. mine was about 2 months.
  6. mine too was about 5 weeks!
  7. hiya!, im new to this but anyhow...could i ask a quick question..when you get given the medical, do you have to strip down bare naked?, im just curious because from what i've heard, is that you get undressed down to your boxer shorts, then i was told by this Sgt or Cpl on town square in crewe that you don't have to undress etc...and someone saying that you do get your arse checked etc....can someone please answer me question.

  8. Next time do a search, this question has been answered several times over.

    I recommend you read my post in this thread for answers to your questions.

    You will strip down to your boxers. You may be asked to lower them for a very short (Couple of seconds) duration while he does the hernia (I.e. ball groping) test or more probably he will just put his hand inside your boxers.
  9. Yea i had some older lady doctor touching my balls, closest they been to a real woman in months!! :D

    Only took like 2 seconds and was nothing to worry about, sure you not got anything that thet've not already seen before..... :roll:

    Not had my arse checked yet but i'm sure that will happen on phase 1 at some point :wink: can't wait!!
  10. I'm sure someone will notice your capbadge w.e.s.t. and give your ass the once over 8O
  11. I've never understood what they actually check your nads for.... to make sure you've got a pair?

    Jokes aside, is it for things like cancer then?
  12. to check you havnt got a hernia or a rupture or anything like that - basically mean to make sure they are working.
    A much better and effective test is the cough while holding a hand just to the left and right sideabove the groin which alot of the docs at medical now do.

  13. :?
    So they check to see if either of your nads are hanging out your sack?
  14. *Quickly hides capbadge...and A-hole* :D