Ive just got my medical from to fillout and it say about blader problems including bedwetting, and i have has a history of bed wetting. Im wondering if this will stop me entering the army. :?

When I was on Selection, my bed smelled distinctly of urine in the morning, and it wasn't from me either.

It was not a wonderful experience, so with that in mind; please, please don't join the Army if you're still bedwetting.
It'll probably affect your application, yes.

Best thing to do is to contact the medical centre of the ADSC you'll be attending and ask them.

Obviously it goes without saying that the further back the incidents were, the less likely it will affect your application. Likewise the more recent the incidents are, the more likely that they will affect your application.

Also I'd imagine the causes will play a part too. i.e stress; Phase One is going to be hard and stressful so are you likely to relapse etc etc
I think if you've had a consistant bedwetting problem within the last 5 years you'll fail the medical. (but id still check with the ADSC anyway)
go to my doctor shes a right cnut, she fills the form out in front of you, then she 'says' she will send it off. she send s the money claim form, but not my forms, and i have to fken pay for a eye test easch time.


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if you are still wetting the bed you will be refused entry.
RMA1 said:
if you are still wetting the bed you will be refused entry.
Dependant on how many John Smiths you have sank in the evening.

Seriously though it will be on your records and GP will enter it on your RG8 Health Questionairre. Have had a couple of applicants who got refused for this whilst recruiting (openly told me even though I said it was medical in confidence) and had one who was refused entry and redressed his letter with evidence it hadnt been a problem for over seven years and they changed there decision on appeal. Put the RG8 in and wait to see if theres a problem, you dont need to mention this to anyone else except SMO/GP
sprog at afc got the push for the very same.

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