Discussion in 'Army Professionally Qualified Recruitment' started by reggi, Mar 2, 2007.

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  1. If some one has on their medical records obssesional compulsive disorder, depression and anxiety from 5 years ago will that person pass their medical and get into the Army or should that person not apply?

    WE HAVENT GOT A ******* CLUE

  3. Stop being so complusive,or else it might become an obbsession
  4. This has been recently covered on another thread:


    However, I am not certain that a definite answer was given.

    The only person who can really advise you is your doctor; he/she will have to complete the medical questionnaire before you join. Ask him/her what they would recommend if you applied for a job in the Army, considering your background. Then approach the ACIO with that information and ask.

  5. many thanks
  6. on recent experience, if you can show that you have been symptom free for that period (and free of medication) you may be ok depending on the arm you are going for
  7. Having OCD - whether it was recent, or many years ago indicates that a person has a poorer coping strategy for stress compared to most people.

    During phase one training - there is a lost of stress experienced by recruits new to the army way of working, long days, learning lots of new skills, pressure to perform and conform etc. Once they join their first unit and then end up on ops the stress levels go through the roof.

    If their is previous history of poor coping, then if that individual is allowed to join - the likelyhood of a recurrence of symptoms is pretty high.

    Each case is reviewed on its own merits.

    the case will result in :

    1. acceptance
    2. deferral - wait a period of time then re-apply
    3. referrral - where the case will be reviewed by a senior doctor with experience within a certain specialty.
    4. refusal.

    I woould hazard a guess at this case resulting in scenario 3 , or 4 l'm afraid
  8. thank you for your thoughts - very useful