Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by howie, Jun 6, 2006.

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  1. cant remember what the entrence medical was and im being re enlisted can some one please tell me what it is they do
  2. I believe you still get groped while coughing, only now the medic is openly homosexual!! :lol:
  3. "Legs apart, bend over touch your toes........ (make a wish little puppy........)"
  4. We're not being very helpful are we? Sorry, but at least we are keeping your thread at the top of the forum until a grown up comes along! :D
  5. i have my medical on the 22 of this month, so yeah any warning of the troumatising events would be greatly apreciated!
  6. Getting your balls felt up by the rather ugly female doctor and praying to God that you don't get wood is pretty traumatising. Still, that's before she checks your arrse pipe.
  7. ha! excellent...i can't wait...
  8. If you can see both his hands when he checks your prostrate, you've just been b'uggered!
  9. i'll bare that in mind!
  10. what is checked in the medical?

    sorry...if i was female i would have the excuse of being blond, but i am not. mabey its the sun....
  11. well you lot have made my day lol thanks dudes
  12. ok heres the story so far a new rule has been brought in stating that if you had a medical in the last 2 years you get right back in with no need for another medical
    my med docs are doing the rounds at perbright med centre as we speek but as to witch desk there at no one knows how ever i have been told by them that they decide if you are sutable for army life so now im back to worrying about getting so far everyone has said yes including my desk officer ,my main concern is that im 36 do you think that will go against me and also im 13 months in date of my last medical
    will they call me for a medical or just say no or will my in date medical go in my favour.
  13. hi all
    had a mate who joined the australian army, and said it was just a basic, lie down and pull yours pants down, check the cargo, lie on your side and pull up a cheek have a quick look, then get dressed. This of course was after everything else. As far as I know the british army is similiar to the australian, therefore no 'penetration' as such is performed
    *gets off soap box*
    thank you gentlemen.
  14. He wasn't joining 3 Para Mortars then.
  15. had a letter saturday asking for further information about a back problem i had in 2004 on my pre release medical it was a sprain only and was given ibruprofen for it ,it was gone in 2 days ,surly they would ask about that on my medical .or do you think there just covering there arse by getting me to answer the questions.