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  1. Hey folks. Was wondering if any of you know if people who want to join up are deffered for IBS (irritable bowl syndrome)? One of my mates was wondering.
  2. It may just depend on what set its off and how severe it is. I know it can be made worse from lack of sleep or stress, which may not make him suited to life in the Army.
  3. Thanks. I'll tell him.
  4. hey applied for the army around a year ago was defered due to a heart murmer , went to the norfolk and norwich hospital to see a heart specilist who old me i was 100 percent fit and healthy for army services and that i had a slight thinning in the bicuspic value but no physical restrictions and was born with it.i since appealed and was still rejected i was then told that this was all i could do and i couldn't join but i keep hearing on here people saying don't give up and that they had a heart murmer and got in etc is this so? should i apply again ? as at first i was defered for 6 mounths and it has now nearly been a year im not sure what to do as all i want to do is join the army, i am phsically fit and want to join the PARA'S ive ran county cross country and athlectics and have been active all my life any advice would be great, can u join at all?? also my letter said that this was being reviewed in the near future does anyone know when ? if u could reply on here or even better email me at jasonbrooks715@msn.com that would be great thanks. p.s i passed the barb test already but have never been to selection or anything thanks.
  5. If you were deferred medically for six months from a letter you received from ADSC medical wing its up to you to go back into the careers office and restart your application. You will more than likely have to re-take BARB test (only lasts for a year) and re-do a RG8 (health questionairre) or the med wing may just send a letter off to your GP or specialist for an update. Go and speak to your Recruiter who will be in a better position to assist you with your specific case....the balls in your court.
  6. What he said ^^ LOL ;)
  7. hey thanks for your reply i am going to restart my application and make an appointment with my gp and the heart specilist at the hospital and get them to recomend a waiver which i keep hearing about and a stronger letter to support my case.(all advice appreciated)