FAC Renewal submitted and the police send the doctor a letter within a week.

That's another £50.00 gone but at least the surgery was prepared to do it unlike some other places.

It could have been worse, they charge £125.00 for an HGV medical!


It’s also incorrect the fee can only be raised if a written report is required, the gp should respond to the police request on the form and if that raises the need for a report then a charge can be levied!
had reports of gp’s refusing to answer and shooters having to reregister with new doctors!


Is this something new for 2020?

Applied for my coterminus renewal in Sept last year, got a call just before my licences expired in December saying they had some things to look into regarding my application (I'd asked to add an LBP) and they would give a 3 month extension to my current licenses, backed up with a confirmation letter in the post a couple of days later. No home visit just a phone interview in January and shiny new tickets came in the post a few days later. No extra charges and no need to visit the doctor.

Smoothest renewal I've had I think.

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