Goood evening, not sure if I’m posting in the right place or whatever but I don’t know where else to seek help as my army recruiter won’t discuss medical issues with me which is fair enough. I have served in the reserves for a year in 2016 and passed my assessment and went to training.

As a child aged 5-6 years I suffered from Childhood Absence Seizures. On the epilepsy website it states that if I have not suffered from any seizure in the last 5 years I can enter the army... it’s been 15 years since my last seizure.

Although I have passed the medical assessment centre once they will not allow me to attend to join the regulars and slapped me with a P8 Grade ( not suitable for any service ) even though I have been in the reserves?

Anyone got any advice? I’ve appealed once and they rejected it. Would it be helpful contacting my former reserves unit?

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