Hi, i'm an AAC wannabe, just wondering, does anyone happen to know if the medical requirements are different in any way to those of the RAF, all the bods in the AFCO don't have a clue....

The medical requirments for aircrew:

1 Full physical
2 Blood to check suger levels
3 Brain scan (to see if one is present) ;D
4 Hart
5 eye test
6 Blood pressure
7 Hearing test (must have H1/ H1)
8 Must conform to normal physical standards ie not 8 feet tall

And must be physicaly fit......................

Once you complete the course then you can let yourself go (Lynx Pilot) :D

Remember upper age limit last time i was told 30 was to old........
Thanks for your reply WigglyAmp,

the medical "problem" that I have, and have been told by the RAF will preclude me from RAF aircrew duties is:

I had grommets (that how you spell it??) when I was younger, in both ears. these have subsequently been removed, and the hole in the right ear-drum has healed naturally. The hole in the left ear-drum has not, and is unlikely to do so. There is an operation available to close the hole, however the RAF again, will not accept this (probably something to do with ejection problems - obviously not an issue in the AAC).

Does anyone with this sort of knowledge know if the AAC will accept this (either with a hole still in the ear-drum, or with a surgically closed hole). With regards to hearing, my ability to hear loud warning "you are about to die" type warnings remains intact ;D, and is well within the published CAA Class 1 medical requirements).

SJ, you may wish to 'phone the medical centre at Middle Wallop and speak to the Aviation Medical staff. They should be able to help. Tel 01980 674377. If that turns out to be a wrong number, e-mail me and I'll try and get the right one.

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