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just wondering if anyone could help me, im 25 and applying for the army, ive done my barb test and now i have to fill in the medical form, something is starting to worry me alot though, ive read that if youve ever been issued an inhaler then you are automatically rejected,... the thing is last summer i had a little cough that i didnt understand and kept going to the doctors to check it out, they gave me chest xrays, blood tests, lung tests etc etc and found nothing, they made me blow in a tube and said my lungs were very strong, however the cough persisted so i kept going to the doctors and asking for help i guess im a bit of a hypercondriac, then the doctor said there is nothing wrong with me again and said maybe its hayfever, so he told me to use some piriton, but also gave me an inhaler to see if it helped, i never got a repeat perscription i only used the inhaler a couple of times it had no affect, ... time past and i started to feel fine again and have done ever since, ive come to the conclusion that the job i was doing at the time (cleaning filthy dusty air con filters and not wearing a mask) was the cause of this cough,.. so as the docs said no medical condition, nut now im worrying that my own stupidity going and getting an inhaler that the doc only gave me to shut me up, may result in me being rejected from joining the army,.. anyone got any idea where i stand ,...?
use the search function, there is a thread full of answers for this. (psst it's a sticky)

also look up JSP 346
I think it's 6 years clear of use. I had asthma when I was younger and my medical was fine.
you think, but don't know, so please shush.
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