Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by rock_chick, Sep 6, 2005.

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  1. Hey Folks,

    I am joinng OTC this year and have to do a medical soon.

    Can anyone tell me what's involved, how long it takes etc?

  2. For me it involved needles and a doctor in his 90s staring at my balls… 8O
  3. hmmm, well I don't have balls so I won't worry about that bit.

    Any other info?!
  4. The last medical I had in the army involved a South Aftrican doctor, he put on a rubber glove, looked me straight in the eyes and said...

    "I am now going the check your testes for lumps and bumps." :?
  5. So apart from testes examinations, is it just the usual blood pressure, sight, hearing etc?
  6. You’ve just worked it out.

    Blood samples
    Piss samples
    Blood pressure test
    Hearing test
    Lung capacity tests
    Colour blindness test
    Height and weight recorded
    Doctor then observes you for any visible signs of STDs

    I think that’s all of it…
  7. Nice one Goku, Thanks
  8. Would I have to do another one for the OTC, even though I passed a RM medical?
  9. If you're transferring no. If not then probably
  10. Don't admit to having had asthma (or anything like it) for at least the past 5 years. They won't let you in if you do, no matter how free your (non existent in your case) testes are from lumps and bumps.
  11. Not suggesting that R_C should lie in order to gain entry to the OTC are you, not the sort of behaviour one would expect form a potential officer in the finest army in the world not to mention the lack of integrity it shows on both parties (the one giving the advice and the one potentially taking it) an attribute required in spades by all serving officers.

  12. No worries, I am in perfect health, I was just wondering what to expect from the medical!

    I agree with you and I also reckon it's a good attribute for an Officer to be well prepared..............
  13. Yup.