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  1. Hi guys, first post;

    I have been thinking for years now about joining up, and now it's time to put my thoughts into action, but one element of the application process that concerns me is the medical. I have no medical conditions, but i'm six foot and one and three quarter inches, and generally weigh about eight-and-a-half-stone. As I said I have no medical conditions and have been tested, I eat well, but it runs in my family to be this thin; the RM medical requirements are 65Kg and a 'Normal' BMI. I'm about 55Kg and my BMI is in the 16s and 'Underweight' range. I was wondering if anybody in the know could inform me what the army's minimum weight requirements are?

  2. 6'2'' and 55kg?? Crikey. Hows your upper body strength etc? I suspect you may want to give the careers office or westbury or your sponsor (depending on if you have even started applying yet or not) a call about it. They do consider BMI and if you are well underweight it may cause a problem.
  3. Not sure about the army, but I know for a fact the minimum RM reqs as you said were 65. And even then they shat bricks if you were just on the boarder. A lad I knew was made to scoff protein shake daily (despite it being banned for every other marine recruit) to get him up to 70.

    It's definitely going to be a problem but your recruiter will be the one to have the say in that. With your heigh and lightness carrying heavy loads will be a bugger! I'm 5 9 and 73kg mate... damn.