Hi im new to this forum im in the process of joining up with RLC TA. Ive got my medical next week in croydon. I have got a couple questions. How long does it take? What happens? Do they look into my civvi medical history and records? Im very worried about being rejected as i have clicky hips/shoulders (not painful though) and have had a few urinary tract infections in the last couple of years up till recent will this stop me getting through? Im a 21 year old female but have had clicky hips and shoulders since i was young. Thanks in advance.
Your doc should have filled in RG8, they will go through this with you, you will have hearing test, sight test, urine test, weight/height etc possible blood taken for blood grouping. It takes about 30 mins depending on the doc/nurse and how busy.

Personally I have very clicky joints, and a slightly damaged neck .. they let me through .. so unless there is someone more seroius I wouldnt worry too much .. see what the doc says ..


I also have PCOS (polycystic ovarian sydnrome) and am most worried about this. Im not on any kind of meds for it and i dont have any symptoms but im worried it will give me an automatic bar. I cant find any info on whether the army lets you in with PCOS. Its a common problem in many women. But as i said i dont know anyone in who has it.
Honestly, I wouldn't worry too much. My medical was fairly standard and unless you have serious issues and are a physical wreck (which, of course, i'm sure you aren't!), they will pass you with no issues.
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