Discussion in 'Officers' started by aj2608, Jun 6, 2009.

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  1. Hello
    I have just found out I've been put on Selection for Welbeck and am concerned about the medical.
    When I do press-ups, my shoulder and elbow joints click. Is this normal? And will they fail me?
    Thankyou very much
  2. As long as you do enough of them they probably won't a) notice b) care even if your arrse whistles "She'll be comin' round the mountain"
  3. Haha ok thanks for that!
    Has anyone else had a similar problem?
  4. Yes if you go to the "Medical Chat and Queries" thread the last page is all about this subject. If you had bothered to do a search you would know that.
  5. Medical Chat and Queries thread, now where would that be? Would you mind posting a link?
  6. must not bite.......
  7. Yea I have the same problem but in my ankles and knees. Went to the doc and he said its nothing to worry about, all it is is the liquid in the joints turns to a gas very quickly and thats when you hear that click sound. Just start taking codliver oil tablets, they work like a charm.
  8. Hmm and upon turning to gas, your knee caps explode, right!
  9. Stewi, thanks thats reassuring! At the moment I take Cod Liver Oil and Glucosamine (spelling?!) tablets so maybe I'll try Pure Cod Liver Oil tablets.
  10. The first time I used Cod liver oil tablets they didnt work and I went back to the pharmacist and the lady told me that these were for something else. She gave me the right ones and now no more clicking, but it does take about 2-3 weeks before they start having an effect on you.
  11. Ok so do you suggest going to the pharmacist and asking them for it rather then going down to the local supermarket to pick them up?
  12. Yea rather go to the pharmacist and ask for the ones that will help with clicking joints, they should know what you talking about.