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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by 04mayb, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Well ive now been discharged from the hospital with a heart murma which they expected was a hole in the heart.They still guess its still there but when it came for my last check up 3 years ago they had to use specialist equipment and they could barly hear the heart murma, so in all prospectives the heart problem is minor or gone, however ive been told by my CA it could affect my changes, is that true
  2. how badly
  3. After reading it a few times to make some sense of what you wrote, I'd say if your doctor writes down you fine, you should be ok. Although Just my opinion.
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    Were you plugged into a fcuking defib machine when you typed that?

    Why don't you ask the CA instead of asking this forum? Funny as it may seem, you dont know who is giving you advice here. :roll:
  5. Can anybody translate?

    From what I can make out, it seems as though you have been discharged from the hospital after having a heart murmur.
    I'd say that even though you have been discharged from hospital, you may struggle to be accepted.
    However the best thing you can do is go to the careers office and speak to them.
    Simple really.
  6. 04Maybe,

    Your earlier posts are quite lucid, why the gibberish here.?
  7. Haha sorry i typed to fast ill correct it
  8. But ive asked my CA and the online office and they all say the same, sorry i cant give out medical advice. P***y >=[
  9. Correct this at the same time - Tnucuoy.

  10. But you think a public anonymous forum can??
  11. Yes it can affect your chances - but your CA already said that didn't he?
  12. Can you not book an appointment with your GP and ask him to check it out? A nice easy appointment for him, and you get to know whether you still have a heart murmur.
  13. I had a benign heart murmur when i was one year old, ie 1986.

    Because it was classed as benign and that long ago, ive been told its not a problem, but bearing in mind, recent conditions may/will be a whole load different.