Medical upgrade before mobilsation

I don't know if this is the right place to ask but will be a bore and do it anyway.

I was Demobbed from Chilwell end of August of 2012 as a p3 medical grading from being injured on tour January time. Apparently P3 means I'm deployable but only on limited duties. I asked how I could get upgraded to full duties and I was told I would need to complete an AFT in my unit within 6 months. Well I have completed an 8mile AFT and have been on a couple of intense exercises since demobilisation. My question is how do I approach anyone about being upgraded. I have had my medical documents sent back to my Company clerk but I haven't questioned anyone reference a medical.

My battalion is mobilising this year for Op Tosca and I would love to get on it. I would also like the opitunity to be a combat soldier again Wherever we are needed.


You'll need to have a grading review, you'll need to provide evidence in the form of the pass sheets for your AFT and any PFTs you've passed.

Not sure how someone in the TA goes about arranging a grading review though.


I hope the person responsible for allowing you to undertake fitness training and exercises conducted the actions in bold, otherwise they laid themselves, and your unit (read CO) open to interviews without coffee at higher command if you'd have injured yourself.

Yet again units not understanding the rules & regulations written to protect the individual and unit commanders. Happens in the regulars as well as in the TA.

From Chap 1 of PAP 10:

b. P3 – Medically fit for duty with minor employment limitations. The P3 grade is to be used for an individual who has a medical condition that prevents him/her undertaking the full range of military duties. Such individuals are able to perform useful duties in barracks, but may not be able to carry out all aspects of their employment. They may require medication or medical follow up. The individual’s condition is unlikely to significantly deteriorate if there is an interruption to the supply of medication or the delay in planned medical review. The individual’s condition is unlikely to impose a demand on the medical services if deployed on operations. A medical risk assessment by the unit, supported by an up to date Appendix 9 and if appropriate additional advice from a Medical Officer (MO) or a Regional Occupational Medicine (OM) Consultant is required for routine activities, OTXs and deployment. This grade will attract a JMES deployment standard of Medically limited deployability (MLD).

Method Used to Record Temporary Medical Conditions – ‘T’ suffix

0120. a. If an officer or soldier’s condition is temporary, the P grading is qualified with the use of a T suffix. As soon as it is clear that a condition is ‘Permanent’, i.e. likely to last 12 months or more, a further medical board should be conducted to award a permanent grade. Any subsequent changes in functional capacity may be reviewed by another medical board. A One-Member Medical Board (OMMB) may award the T suffix for a maximum period of 12 months in total. The time awarded by the board must reflect the estimated time to achieve a permanent grading. Periods of medical downgrading in excess of 12 months require a Two Member Medical Board (TMMB) with an OM Consultant presiding or a Full Medical Board(FMB) and will only be approved exceptionally by DM(A) through the process contained in AGAI 99 Command and Care of the Wounded, Injured and Sick .

b. Service personnel Cas-evaced from an operational theatre or admitted to a hospital for in patient care, including RCDM and DMRC, should be boarded P0 following an appropriate medical assessment (with further medical board if needed).

0121. Light Duties. An officer or soldier may alternatively be placed on light duties when medical staff assess that a condition is mild and temporary in nature. However, in all cases the period of light duties cannot extend beyond 56 days, and on the 57th
day an officer or soldier’s PULHHEEMS assessment must be amended.
Thanks you for the info and pap10 paragraphs, my unit just doesn't understand how this all works, a TA soldier doesn't have a Med centre to go to and has a doctor that comes in once in a blue moon to conduct PULHHEEMS. I'm wondering if its worth going to my local RRU and booking an appointment or going to Aborfield garrison where they conduct TA medicals for Recruits. I'm kind of in a admin medical Tornado right now but because the TA aren't clued up on procedure I feel stuck.
Flag this up through your CoC. Someone will realise what the implications for them are and sort it for you.



Wouldn't hurt to give the med center in Aborfield a ring and find out how you go about booking a grading review, I'd keep your unit in the loop in case someone gets a sad on that you're cutting your own detail.

The only problem you might encounter is seeing an MO who isn't familiar with you and your medical history. I had a few issues seeing a civvy Dr whilst my unit were deployed and these weren't sorted until my unit MO returned from theater.

As EScotia has pointed out you might still be able to deploy as P3 with the correct risk assessments in an OPs room or stores roll.
The_Creature have a quick word with your admin staff. Every coy location should have a Psao or Clerk. In Theory your COC are au fait with all matters pertaining to the big red rule book. I got to book my medical six weeks in advance, quick email with relevant OCHAS? details. Downside was the same doctor for the 3rd time.



your PSAO may not have read PAP 10 or understand the implications but he/she should know how to get you booked for a PES review, they must have done it before! If not all they will have to do is contact Bde for advice; it's always best to ask and look a prat rather than not ask and drop yourself and the CO/Adj in it! Besides, all units be they regular or TA should by now how unit Health committees!
The MO who visits your unit for pulheems can upgrade you if it was temporary, Ive got to go down Tidworth in a couple of weeks for a review board. The MO who visits my unit for pulheems arranged this. You can contact them for advice ask for the TA clerk, Army Medical centre Tidworth 01980 846441
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