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Medical Tribunal advice sought

Hi, Appreciate any help and advice, I am in receipt of a small medical pension from the veterans agency for a shoulder injury. I have now been medically discharged from my Government job as the shoulder injury which has got increasingly worse is precluding me from undertaking my dutys.

I have also been diagnosed with PTSD from Northern Ireland in the 70's by the Priory Hospital which is also part of my medical discharge from my current job.

I have asked the veterans agency to reassess my original claim and to claim for the PTSD as I am loosing my job after 22 years.

I have to day been told that I will have to attend a tribunal for the shoulder and further medical for the PTSD.
any help from those who have gone before would be gratefully received
Ask Combat Stress if they can help out by giving you an assessment first. The new Doc, Walter Bussutil, is good. I saw him before I ended up at Combat Stress. Coincidentally is was his referral that helped me out.

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