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Hello folks,

9 months ago I slipped leaving a church in Truro and damaged my right knee, all was going well until in May when I damaged it again whilst running to get the last connecting train at Gatwick. I went to France for 3 weeks in June/July and before going I arranged a appointment for the end of July.

I'm typing this from the hospital where I have had a athroscopy (keyhole surgery) to remove the bucket handled tear in the meniscus cartiledge (sic?) in my right knee.

The time scale is/was:

27/07 - Appointment at the rehab clinic.
28/07 - MRI scan.
17/08 - Operation.
1600 hrs - Admitted into hospital.
1855 hrs - Came round after a genereal anaesthetic with a fixed knee.
18/08 - 2 weeks sick leave.
Rehab course - Sep 10.

That's not a bad turnaround is it? I'm in a private hospital in Hampshire and I am very impressed.

So, please don't read the hype in the Daily Outrage and the rest of the media when they weel out their 3 monthly story about Military health care, I have been to Selly Oak a number of times to visit friends and yes over the past 6 years there have been a number of 'horror' stories in the media but I cannot praise the treatment I, my Friends and colleagues have recieved enough.


Nice one :)

Best of luck with your recovery, don't rush things.

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