Medical too picky?

Hello all serious post here, got my ADSC soon for infantry bit worried, My mate has been and he has been deffered for having spots on his back and another lad i know failed because the docs THOUGHT he had a hip problem when he was 6 weeks old fair play if it is going to hinder training etc but he is the fittests lad i know. Now heres my problem i do alot of MMA and i got alot of red marks (didnt know about rash guards until other week) bruises and cuts on my body and also got a big fcuk off red shaving rash on my neck :oops: (for rushing to work wet shave etc) now in my medical what will the doc say about this, will it prevent me from entering, deffered until it clears up ?, if i tell him how i got it and he doesnt think i got some skin disorder or anything will i be okay?

maybe abit uncessary post but heard how picky they are on the medical. Just need some re-assurence it wont stop me getting in. :D

you wont get in cos you're a moaning girl.

seriously though, if you're physically fit you'll be fine

A mate of mine got deffered because his face looked like the Lunar surface.
He went to his GP and got some steroids to help clear his horrific and repulsive skin disorder, got in a few months later.
Shaving rash? Plenty of things on the market to clear that up so it shouldnt be a major problem.
I would suggest if you are seriously concerned speak to your recruitment blerk and/or your GP.
Good luck.
rick_rolled said:
you wont get in cos you're a moaning girl.

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