Medical technician or Nurse??

I am looking to join up. I have looked up on the army jobs site but cant seem to find the answer I am looking for.
I am looking to join up in the medical branch and was looking at Student nurse or Medical Technician but what is the difference between the 2 jobs?

Sorry if this seems a stupid question but really cant seem to find the answer anywhere.

Hope somebody can help :?


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Robbo82 said:
I understand that.
But whats the difference between Medical Tech and nursing?
Consider the Combat Medical Technician the Ambulance Crew, and the Nurse is, well, a nurse.
Ah I see thank you Legs.
Just hypothetically if I couldnt get into nursing due to education is there possibilities to progress to nursing?
The two roles are explained in a fair amount of detail on the army jobs website. I know this to be true because I only recenly read them (within the past week).

CMT and Heathcare asst and registered nurse each of those links also have .pdf files with job descriptions and even interviews with people who do the job.

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