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Ok, I’ve searched the forums on this as best as I can and so far I’ve only found ‘hard core’ cases. I was given anti depressants last year when a close relative passed away. Is this going to be a spanner in the works for my army application?

Like I said I’m not a manic depressive or self harmer like the posts I’ve found on here so far. I was only on them for a matter of months. Not being out of order, but the recruiting Sergeant was not very helpful when I raised this issue with him and couldn’t tell me about the 3 year clearance period I have heard of. Its driving me nuts now I’ve been waiting on my medical to come back for about 8 weeks now, is this usual?

When I handed my doctor the health forms he asked about me and I said I couldn’t wait to join up so I don’t know what he put down or weather it makes any difference what he says.

Can any one shed some light on this? :? Ive put in for REME if it makes any odds... Thanks
i knew someone who was prescribed prozac even though she didnt take it she had to be five years clear of the prescription before she could join..
8 weeks for a medical form to be cleared?? thats taking the p*ss, get on the phone to your army careers office and check if they've even recieved it, it might still be sitting in an 'out' tray at your doctors. If it is, tell them you will come and collect then post it yourself. Good Luck.

Cheers Easy!
No Its left the doctors for sure, the ACO did receive it... Like I said the ACO cant really help me much more right now, f*cking doctor.. he gave me prozac and I didnt take it, they gave me Esilatopram 1st and I didnt like the side effects so I went back and said I dont want em no more and they gave me a new prescription but I didnt want em either... oh well... Ive heard people say try the T.A.. wouldnt that turn out the same, I cant see them being any more lax than the regulars? :evil:
unfortunately - you have a recorded historical event. you may be referred to a consultant psychiatrist within the service for assessment.

the PULHHEEMS regs are quite tight - whether you took the tablets or not is not an issue, its your previous medical history.

But i'd imagine your looking at a deferal, sorry- not what you want to hear really
Any better chance with the T.A? does PULHHEEMS still apply there? :?
Im afraid it does. PULHHEEMS sets the standard level of fitness for all army personnel, from recruit medicals through to long term illnesses and medical downgrading

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