Medical Support to Pathfinders

I am working on a medical trg review of RM Bde Patrol Tp. I assume that they function in a similar way to pathfinders so....

Can anyone tell me:

1. What med trg if any the pathfinders recieve.
2. At section level what if any medical equipment they have.
3. Do medics deploy fwd at section/platoon level.


I assume that they function in a similar way to pathfinders so....
Best not to make assumptions if you want your review to have any credibility. Stick to what the patrol tp actually need to achieve and start from there.
same standard as normal inf bloke. Remember these guys are as thick as welshmens nobs, so they have to think about so much else their limited hard drives have no room for complicated medicine. Also think, an injured mucker early on in an OP can scupper the whole thing. Whats more important, success of the Op or the life of a bloke. No matter what you think if the Govt have put them there then its the OP.

Have fun dealing with them and remember, when this beast calls MEDIC he means it. You need the skills not them.
Perhaps you should ask the royal marine medical assistants who work out of Stonehouse what is required......

Just a thought.


Comparing IQ's of Paras and sea hats is a non starter. Bootnecks are rumoured to bit a bit slow but "Paras are, to a man bone as FCUK"
I know, I work with eight of them and they have never disproved this hypothesis

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