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Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by bebo, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi I am interested in this role.

    Does anyone have experience in this role? If so could you give me some information on the good/bad aspects of the job and if you would recommend it or not.

    Thanks in advance

  2. Hello

    Loads on here, may help you if you detail which direction you are coming at it from
  3. do you know what the role of a MSO is?
  4. No body does!!!

    T C
  5. Harp on about the AGC not giving you a Commision because you were a manager of a Detachment, not a leader and therefore jump fence to the RAMC. Hurrah, well done AGC, more experience lost to the Corps!
  6. Firstly I spent 3 years with OTC and I currently wish to commission in to the TA. My local TA unit is 205 Field Hospital. I have e-mailed them regarding my intentions and I am currently awaiting a response.

    Regarding qualifications, I have experience managing a civilian business environment and also have a degree in Business and Management. Therefore I am trying to find a role which best suits my skill set, and I believe MSO would.

    Having read through various different role profiles and considered each in turn for some time now. I have decided that the role of MSO is the most attractive. The reason for the RAMC is partly due to the number of people I currently know in different areas of medicine which has aroused my interest. For example I have several close friends who are doctors and my partner is training to be a physiotherapist officer. Speaking to them has made me realise I would enjoy working in a medical environment.

    I hope this helps give some perspective on things.

  7. you want to be a MSO and work in a medical environment? the two dont go together.
  8. At your age, UOTC age group, and with a degree you need to think about aplying to go Sandhurst and, if successful, look at all the various roles that the Army offers. Go to your nearest AFCO or try if you are determined to be an MSO take advice from:

    RAMC Recruiting
    Former Army Staff College
    Slim Road
    GU15 4NP

    Tel: 01276 412745 / 412744 / 412730

  9. I believe I will get in touch with them thanks, much appreciated :D

    So does anyone have any experience in the role here that would be interested in sharing some insight?

  10. Are you sure you know what your getting into? Most senior RAMC officers view the Corps as DR's or (rarely) a PQO's only club. It has taken over 20 years to gain the approval for the first half-hearted attempt to allow junior ranks to gain civilian recognised qualifications; however with caveats so stringent 99.9% need not apply (to qoute the well known arm of the Senior Service).

    I may be in the twilight of my years in the Army but, bitter and twisted as I am I can safely say that the RAMC is a Corps run by DR's for DR's.

  11. So very true...sadly.
  12. As you wantto commission in the TA, 2 Med Bde may be a better bet than AMD. Your regional Bde (51 I think) will run a TA commissioning programme which take about a year part time finishing up with attandance at the TA commissioning course at RMAS. On balance, you'd do a lot worse than just going to see the Adjt or Trg Maj at 205. If you get no luck, PM meand I will see what I can do.
  13. You will also need to attend a Potential Officer's Commissioning Course prior to attending a TA MSO Commissioning Board. As previously mentioned, you should speak to 205. PSAO, Adjt and ROSO should all have the info you need.

    Be aware that 2 Med Bde Units are all in the process of migrating to new establishments which draw down their manpower totals significantly. There will be more MSO posts formally established in the process, but there may well be competition from former PQOs who stand to lose their posts and want to go for MSO as an alternative.