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Help desperately needed!! I'm trying to research into setting up of a field medical supply storage area. I'll be contacting 84 Medical Supply Sqn in the very near future but I'm desperate for information to start me off. If anyone can help me out even with the most smallest snippet of info this would be very much be appreciated so please help me out, I've trawled the net & I'm running out of avenues to go down so please please help!!! :?
From what I can remember in SLB the Med Stores were attached to the main stores area (ammo and fuel had their own areas, everything else was co-located away from these areas). Just a different area, which I suspect was more for convenience than anything else.

I seem to remember a fair few reefers generators and/or a handy fuel supply is a consideration.

Other than security, I can't see too many other considerations. No hazardous stores so shouldn't affect where it is sited.


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Except for compressed gases of course.......................... bell end!!!!!
top_soldier said:

Except for compressed gases of course.......................... bell end!!!!!

Compressed gas is not classed as a hazardous store in Logistics Field Storage. It is inert and can be stored with other stores. Compressed Gas does not need its seperate storage area as does Fuel and Ammo.

Is there some good reason for the abuse?


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JWP 4-03 is the doctrine that underpins Med stuff, might be worth a look. Also HQ AMD at Camberley would be a good place to approach.

Remember, you'll need ambient (15 - 25 degrees), chilled (2-8 degrees) and frozen (below zero (i know that's freaking obvious but some frozen blood products need to be below minus 30 degrees)) You'll also need to take into account blood storage (2-8 degrees for red cell concentrate), 22 - 24 degrees for platelets and minus 30 degrees for Fresh Frozen Plasma.

Reefers, secure cold storage (for controlled drugs), smaller fridges, some way of moving cold stuff round the battlefield, disposal facilities for clinical waste (burn pits), 2nd line facilities for repairing electro medical equipment. And other stuff, hope that's a starter for 10.

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