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Im ex regular (and was TA before that!) who left in early 2003. I miss parts of the 'green' life and am looking at joining the TA again but this time with the crazy idea of getting a commission..

Anyhoo...A few questions before I raise them myself with the unit/s I have been looking at (RLC and RE). Im now 36, and have been pretty idle for the last 7 years. Im no fatty, but have banged on a few stones since I left.

What are the BFPA requirements now for a 36 year old? Any less press ups... was never much cop at them and now weigh 20% more!!

Also, what sort of level of fitness do i need when starting the training? Do i need to be close to the BFPA requirements or is there scope for improving whilst training? Basically if i need to be close to BFPA i will put off joining for a few months to get fitter first.

The other question relates to Hayfever. I never had hayfever whilst i was in the army, however it has developed since i hit 30 (must be a genetic thing, same thing happened to my mother). It doesnt affect my breathing etc, I just get itchy eyes and sneeze a lot. Is this likely to be a problem? i dont actually remember anyone having hayfever when i was in.

Injurys: When I was in I had knee pain in my left knee, which meant i couldnt run very well (had a biff chit, PT used to mean doing weights in the gym). I had all sorts of tests, MRI scans etc and they couldnt find anything wrong (I think someone once said it was 'non specific knee pain'). 6 months after I left it mostly went away, and im thinking it was the boots to be honest. These days i can run etc, though too much kneeling down on that knee and it gets a bit painful.
Has anyone else had similar issues? is it likely to be a problem? Obviously i cant get a full medical opinion here at ARRSE, but an indication from what others may have experienced might help.

And I mad to join the TA again at 36? Cant say im looking forward to basic training for the third time....but thats just something to get through.

Cheers, Flashy

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