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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MightyBigEgo, Sep 28, 2006.

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  1. Dear All,
    a 3rd year medical student has enquired about joining my TA unit. We are not a medical unit and I have heard rumours that medical students/doctors can only join RAMC.
    I know that in years gone past police were only allowed to join RMP but this has changed in the last few years depending on individual police force policy. Is it the same for medical students/nurses/doctors?

    The person has said that they will be doing medicine for the rest of their life and doesn't want to do it in their spare time as well...fair enough really.

    Have tried to do a search but am a bit of a mong when it comes to that!

    Any answers much appreciated.

  2. I'm sure someone can come up with a better reply than this, but my initial thoughts.

    Do they want to be an officer or OR? If they want to be an OR, then surely what they do at work has no reflection on what they do on weekends (As cardinal points out, the TA doesn't care about your qualifications if you are an OR)?

    If they want to be an officer and they are a doc, then it would be foolish for the TA not to employ them as an MO. But surely, it is up to the individual concerned. 8O
  3. I know a medical student (has a TA cat B commission) who's now attached to IV PARA. So, no, apparently.

    I'm also a medical student and I've never heard anything like this. You get prodded to join RAMC as a doc but there aren't any hard and fast rules about it. They can't force you to.
  4. Birduk, he wants to join as an OR.
    Carcass, thanks for that, I will gladly pass that up my CoC.
  5. :wink: Check your PMs
  6. I can remember in the mid 80s a Med graduate who was serving as a full time Tom in Para reg.
  7. One of the Platoon Commanders on Fingal 7 was a registrar, so it doesn't seem to matter if you're commisioned or not (but I think he'd come under some pressure to go RAMC).
  8. Know at least one officer who is a doctor a lot of pressure to join the ramc
    and not just from his soldiers :D .Met a couple of medical students in the infantry one who when asked why he joined said "well I really fancying killing
    someone" :? :D
  9. There is no problem with this. I am a medical student and in a non-medical unit. There are also qualified doctors in my unit as toms.

    If he were already qualified when he joined then no doubt he would be prodded in the direction of an RAMC unit. It may be that when he does begin to practice he may be prodded once more, but with the reality of TA admin I doubt anyone further up the coc would ever know!
  10. We have/had Medical students with us too in the Infantry. I don't think there is a policy of shoehorning meddies into the local RAMC unit.
  11. I'm a med student, and was a Tpr in the Wessex Yeomanry.
    There's no reason for a med student to do something medical - after all, if someone's a truck driver, we wouldn't make them join the RLC! I'm now a medical cadet, but still attached to the yeomanry.
    I think there is a lot of pressure for Drs to join the RAMC, indeed I heard if you were a qualified medical professional you could only join the AMS. I doubt it's a proper rule though. And anyway, a 3rd year, at most, has a diploma in med studies (well, that's what we get), and possibly a BSc if they intercalated, so they're not qualified to do anything medical. I think it's much more constructive to do a proper trade instead of wasting your time without a proper role, and it's certainly more interesting!!
  12. I largely agree with your sentiments, and a few of my medical colleagues are in non-medical regiments, doing non-medical jobs. I'm not sure if they have "declared" their qualifications, though.

    There is a fundamental difference between a medic and a truck driver. THe Army can train people to drive trucks, but there is no medical school in HM Forces. That's why the MBBS / MBChB is so important to them.

  13. I knew this bloke who served with the RMR as a med student. Apparently he joined the regulars when he qualified(RN cdo,i think),so med students do serve in non-medical units.