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Hi all,

Wondering if you could help me with a few things I'm not too sure about, I admit from the start I don't know too much, but have had a search of ARRSE and have a rough idea of what the deal with training etc.

I'm a third year medical student and I have recently got the paper work to join my local field hospital. Don't really fancy the OTC, I have a cheap enough bar at my union :D . Not sure about a cadetship just yet, think I would rather see some speciality rotations before making my mind up.

As I understand it, it is a total of four weeks training, ending up with a commission? It can either be done as:-

a.) a four week block (probably in a years time from now, next July/August)
b.) a two week initial block ( I think this is Phase 1A from my searching?) followed by a two week block at RMAS.
c.) 6 weekends of Phase 1A followed by two weeks at RMAS.

I understand that PQOs get commissioned before undertaking the training, but at my unit the recruiting captain told me I wouldn't have to go for AOSB? Also, is there a minimum age for medical students to undergo all this training?

The captain said I would get put on the Phase 1A ASAP,, could I get commissioned in my third year? I'm not sure what I would/could contribute to the unit as a 2Lt in my third year, don't want to look a bit of a fool/walt(? hoping this is correct use of the word :oops: ) turning up without even being able to scribble a signature on anything!

Any advice/input would be greatly appreciated and sorry in advance if these are noddy questions!
My understanding is as follows.

You are almost entirely correct.

Phase 1A can be done as a two-week course at Strensall, later followed by 1B (two weeks at RMAS). It can also be done as a 4-week course at RMAS, but this is no longer run with the regulars (there is a reason for this, but I cannot recall it).

I have not heard of the six-weekend course for PQOs. Might be new, might be myth.

I don't believe students have to sit the AOSB; you certainly don't after you have qualified, and I don't think you do before.

You *do* need to pass a commissioning board within the AMS TA. As such, you are then sent on your basic training already commissioned, in your case as a subaltern (2Lt). Means jack-all though, but you get paid better than an OCdt.

Minimum age is 18 for everyone but QARANC (21).

Hope that helps.


P.S. Interestingly, my take on the TA regs is you are supposed to join the UOTC and only be taken on strength in the TA if all UOTC places are filled or not available:

Army Medical Services (AMS) TA
25. Officer Cadet Enlistments.
a. Students undergoing training in medicine, dentistry, nursing or professions allied to medicine (PAM), the successful completion of which training would eventually qualify them for PQO status within the AMS TA, may be enlisted in UOTCs as OCdts. Those who are unable to join the OTC may be enlisted against unfilled PQO posts designated for their relevant Corps. Potential PQOs unable to join the OTC are to be selected by commanding officers in accordance with guidelines set by DGAMS for the professional groups concerned.
b. If all appropriate posts within an AMS TA unit are filled, HQ Medical Group (HQ Med Gp) is to be approached to define unallocated posts within the overall AMS TA establishment, against which further potential PQOs may be enlisted.
c. Potential PQOs are not to be enlisted against unfilled non-clinical posts, i.e. employments other than those defined in para 26a.
d. Enlistment as a potential PQO for medical and dental students may precede their selection for and appointment to a commission during their last two years at medical or dental school.

But it does sound like there is considerable discretion available.
Just found this too:

Royal Army Medical Corps
29. Qualifications and Appointments.
a. Candidates for first appointment as medical officers are to be fully registered medical practitioners under the
Medical Acts in force in the United Kingdom at the time of appointment.
b. Qualified doctors who are not fully registered under the Medical Acts in force, and suitable medical students in
their last 2 years at medical school, may be commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps (TA).

So... commissioning is in the final two years. You'll be an OCdt or Pvt till then, I suspect.

Thanks v. much for the input. Yes, the extra pay would be very much appreciated indeed! And sitting as a Private sounds equally fine until I get a bit more medical and military experience.
Oh, and one other point: they won't be expecting a 2Lt to "be signing anything".

'Medical Officer' 2Lts are almost always med students. You are automatically eligible for Lt on qualifying, and usually eligible for promotion to Capt after full registration (i.e., end of your first foundation 'house officer' year).

PM me if you have any other specific questions. If I can't answer, I can usually find out.


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