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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by worcesterwarrior, May 9, 2011.

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  1. I'm currently finishing my first year of Medical School and have always had the idea of joining the TA once qualified, but have no Military experience. So I'm looking at joining the TA now to get that experience and see if its for me.

    I tried joining 2 years ago during my first degree, but kept on being delayed (by both the RAMC and myself being ill) until eventually was recommended to join the OTC. I missed the OTC recruitment weekend through injury (Uni rugby). I'm trying to get the ball rolling again so I can do as much as I can this summer.

    I have been given two options by friends who are also in the TA (joining both as a CMT);
    1) Go for a Nationally recruiting unit, I think 335 Med Evac and 206 Field Hospital were mentioned.
    2) Join a London based Infantry regt.

    Can anyone give their opinions please? Or a prod in the right direction?

  2. 144 Parachute Medical Sqn

    London, Nottingham, Cardiff, Glasgow
  3. NO offence, but you may be a little wasted in an infantry unit. The CMT courses are vastly below everything that you have already been taught and work to different guidelines- there isn't all that gucci stuff you get in your nice cosy hospital setting.

    Go medical and sleep in a nice tent every night, get to make tea for your superiors and have a smashing time. You might even decide to go the officer training route whilst you are there and you can get all the paperwork and faffing out of the way first.

    (This coming from a CMT in an infantry unit by the way- which I absolutely love)

  4. Are you in 144?
  5. If you're in London, try 256 Field Hospital - plenty of Med Students kicking around here
  6. he is 144!
  7. Thanks for the advice. I spoke to a recruiter today and was told "It's up to you", so appreciate the views. I am in London so will give 256 a look, though 335 Med Evac Regt sounds quite interesting.
  8. Went to the HAC Open Day today and got some great advice. Basically Field Hospitals won't accept anybody below 4th year level as a Medical Student. So we were advised to go talk to other Units and both the London Regiment and HAC would take us on, train us up and we could transfer directly when we get to 4th year, having already done all the training. So looks like this summer could be pretty fun.
  9. Chap,

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