Medical Student - Bursary / cadetship?

Discussion in 'OTC' started by Outstanding, Jan 30, 2007.

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  1. Going to uni as an Army Scholar to read Medicine. What can I apply for, cos I heard that you cannot get a bursary until after your first 2 years, is this right?
  2. I'm a 4th year medic paid by the army, when I started med school post 2 years @ Welbeck College I converted to a £1000 per annum bursary (tax free) automatically. I believe the system is the same for Sixth form bursars too.

    Once you embark on clinical years (the last 3) RAMC pay you a salary c.£15,000 p.a., unfortunately taxed like a bitch, providing you undertake an 8? year return of service post med school

    Speak to RAMC Recruiting they are always helpful.
  3. Anyone from RAMC Recruiting know anything?
  4. my gf is applying for it, JewB is right about the 15k thing, which sounds like a great deal. It is competetive, but you apply once you have the definate place (confirmed on the course etc) and then if you get it the 15k kicks on on the last 3 years, but apparently you can re-apply, so if you apply in ur first year and dont get it you can apply in the 2nd year and the 3rd (depends on the competition each year) so as I see it its worth applying ASAP. As JewB said, get the paperwork and in depth info from army careers...

    good luck.
  5. Ok, few things wrong with all the above. You can only apply for a bursary when you have 3 years left at uni - so 5 year course, you can apply end of 2nd year, beginning of 3rd.

    I don't think re-applying each time would work - when they decide that you aren't suitable to join, you get one more chance and thats bout it.

    Also salary starts bout 13,500 and is taxed - but only to bout 12,000 - still getting bout a grand a month! You got to love us medics!! And this rises each year, and you also get paid significantly more in F1 and F2 than your civvie colleagues.

    Return of service is currently 6 years post-F1 so you get F2 as part of it.

    And if you want to earn some money at uni in your first 2 years then join an OTC. Granted you will spend most of it on drinking, but what else is it for?!
  6. Slightly wrong mate. Bursary = £100 a year.
    cadetship = big bucks

    Two seperate and unrelated shemes, however you can be both a bursar and then a Medical cadet. Learnt a lot bhy asking the right folk.
  7. 260


    I was ssoooo pleased to read your post JewB - I'm hoping to apply to Welbeck, but want to be a medic in the army, not in a technical corp. How did you manage to get in to Welbeck? Did they make an exception? Your advice would be much appreciated :)