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Just wondering if anyone out there knows if the Army employs pathologists or do they use NHS ones as and when the need arises - can't find any info on it anywhere and the Army careers person I spoke to didn't know either. Currently a med student considering the Army when I qualify but not a lot of point if you don't have pathologists really!

The RAMC employs clinical pathologists in chemical, microbiological and haematological specialities in both the Regular and TA AMS.

Joining the Regulars as an SHO, you would be employed in a General Duties capacity, probably in an MDHU, giving you the chance to continue your specialist studies. However, operational tours can have an effect on your studies, interrupting career planning (on the up-side, sometimes they give you the chance to work with top specialists in the field to a level you wouldn't be allowed to in the NHS - needs must and all that - so ops can also be career enhancing).

In the AMS TA, joining as an SHO is becoming rather tricky, as we seem to have too many junior docs and insufficient consultants. But if you want directions to your nearest TA Fd Hosp, drop me a PM.

You've just exceeded the limits of my professional knowledge.

I can tell you that I am not aware of any Army or DMS establishment table that includes a line for a "histopathologist" (whatever that is!). That doesn't mean there's no place for you; just that we'd have to employ you in a more generic position.


I've just asked a colleague who thinks he knows what histopathology is. From the sound of it, its a function for which we'd not have much use in a warzone.

I'm really no expert on this, but I have seen Home Office pathologists deployed in operational theatres doing some investigations. They were quite close to the 'sharp end' as well, although I don't know if this is a regular arrangement or not and I don't want to say any more than this in case it has OPSEC or similar implications.
Those are one-off employments to investigate allegations of criminal activity. They have to bring in independent civilians to avoid accusations of "Army cover-up". As you can imagine, our deployed TA pathologists, some of whom do police forensic work in civvie street, just loved the implication that they couldn't be trusted...

Still, way OffT, so no more on that, eh?

We do have a LSN for a histopathologist at haslar, currently a Lt Col. As for the rest of the disciplines we have most of the others covered by the other services. The Army had a consultant Haematologist and a Microbiologist but they deserted the sinking ship a few years ago :( , Not sure if the army has asperations to replace them :?
Hi' I'm a SR Paramedic of 12 years and I'm about to join 335 medical evacuation regiment TA at york as a CMT. Can anyone tell me what the exact roll of this new regiment is? Thanks.
Do we have Histopathologists?
Yes because there's one working at Portsmouth at the moment and I'm sure there's more.

Contact RAMC Recruiting - they are very knowledgable and should be able to answer your questions.

Use the address below:
RAMC Recruiting
I'm about to join 335 medical evacuation regiment TA at york as a CMT. Can anyone tell me what the exact roll of this new regiment is?
A bit OffT, but the Concept of Ops for 335 MER (V) is still being written. Broadly, it will fulfil two functions based on current thinking (subject to change, naturally):

1) Provide small teams to support Small- to Medium-Scale operations.

2) Deploy as a formed unit to support Large-Scale operations.

In both cases, the function of the teams/unit is to provide the expertise to support patients in transfer between deployed Role 3 (hospital) assets. This will include ambulances, SH, trains and coaches depending upon the local infrastructure. In the Large-Scale picture, the unit may also be expected to provide professional guidance to RE and REME personnel in converting locally procured buses and trains to be suitable as patient transfer vehicles.

There is, of course, some overlap with the RAF CCAST which is being worked out.

In addition, there is some uncertainty over whether 335 will also provide a transfer capability from airhear to Role 4 assets, possibly boltering NHS facilities to allow for military wards. This would be Large Scale again, though.


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