Medical & Smoking!!!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Georgee, Jan 13, 2007.

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  1. I posted a few days ago about being interested in joining and i have my first interview on monday so i thought i would start doing a bit more training for selection (if all goes to plan) i just have a couple of questions if anyone can help:

    1: What sort of things are on the med questionnaire the doc has to fill in, is it only extreme things that will stop my entry.

    2:Do you have to do any breathing or eye tests etc.

    3: Will smoking seriously affect my chances of passing selection or coping within the army?
  2. Breathing is a good idea. Don't try stopping- this will have serious consequences on you joining. :D

    Seriously, just go for the medical. If you are fit enough - good, if not - they will let you know.
  3. well you gotta get a colour blind test, like read numbers that are different colour shapes, and read the lil letters of a board about 15 foot away. then you gotta show them the maximum capacity your lungs can hold / breath out in one go.

    as for smoking, it wont stop you entering, but you must still be as fit as everyone else.
  4. Is it a good idea to book an appointment witht he doctors and actually be there when they fill it in? I was just worried that smoking may prevent me from being fit enough thats all! Wasnt sure how many people actually smoke who are in the army
  5. smoking tobacco is not good for you, but wont be a show stopper!

    smoking weed on the other hand is a show stopper :thumbdown:
  6. If you fail the medical is that it all over??
  7. in a word YES

    PM me if you have any specific questions
  8. When I took my medical ( a long time ago), the doctor lifted my testicles up with a pencil.
    I failed the medical and was sent to Aldershot for a further exam. Not because of my unfeasibly large testicles, just my hearing and yes, that was it, any notion of an army career was over. I should have aspired to be an airsofter rather than a soldier.
  9. well wen i contacted my doc, they requested i went down, as the booklet they fill in requires you fil in some if i remember correctly. anyways, stay active, get fit and smoking shouldnt be too much of a setback.

    except ur breath will stink lol
  10. ok cheers for the replies, guess its just fingers crossed then!
  11. Go for the med, but expect a finger with gloves on up ure ring, and make sure its not boxing or cricket gloves - it hurts more.

  12. Guess thats somat to look forward to then :thumright:
  13. I just had my medical up the RSC 2 days ago and they didnt put there fingers anyway near my ring :sweatdrop: . But they did look at my balls and tell me to cough. If you wear glasses/contacts just get a prescription off your optician and you don't have to do the eye test. But you do need to have good lung capacity, I don't smoke and I just scraped through.

  14. the spirometry test is a killer, if you have to do it, i had to have a eye test when i went in december
  15. whats that?? and what happens if you do have bad eyes is that it failed!!! Go di am getting worried now something is going to go wrong!! I havent even had first interview yet and i am sh1ttin myself!