Medical- Self harm/depression

Ive enlisted to join the TA as a Driver. Ive passed my medical - I didnt lie. however, 3 years ago when i was 17, i suffered from Depression, was on medication etc and engaged in selfharm. The Doctor said this was ok because ive only suffered one epsiode and it happened 3 years ago, but im still not sure, i have scars on my lower arm from self harm. Don't get me wrong, Im Thrilled! But he didnt ask to see them and im worried ill get kicked out once ive joined and just want a bit of reassurance! (Especially after reading similar posts on this site!!) Any suggestions?
If it takes joining up to cure you of GothFaggotry, I thing that it's a good thing, and so will they. Certainly preferable to continuing said faggotry. The medicO's word is usually final on shi.t like this. Just make sure you chip off the last remnants of black nail polish, and wipe away any residual facial spunk-flecks before reporting.
Yes, there was a doctor and someone else with him, the other person questioned it but the doctor said it was ok because it was only one episode and over 2 years ago
Look you've passed your medical, so shut your gob. stop worrying and crack on, I wouldn't shout it from the roof tops if I was you, if you give people a reason to start double checking and reviewing your status as a TA soldier then they just might.
If you have passed your medical and been honest then you have nothing to worry about. check out this thread for more info

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