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Hi all,

I passed selection in August of last year. Finally have a start date for October the 21st due to lack of vacancies. As my medical is only valid for the one year I have to go up to Lichfield on Monday the 22nd of this month for a medical review. Can anyone let me know if I will have to do the run or any of the other tests or will it be the medical alone. I have my train tickets which return on the same day! So only there for the Monday. Ive tried endlessly to get in touch with my recruiter, phone calls, emails, and put an action request for her to ring me back but still nothing. Nothing received in the post either!

Any info is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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I don't really know, but that's never stopped me before.
If you attend prepared for whatever you think they might throw at you, you can't go far wrong. Might mean carrying a bit of extra kit, but hey ho.
Good luck anyway.
Ye well I'm assuming its the medical only. My train ticket is returning at 17:30 from litchfield. I'm going to take my kit just incase. Its not a problem but would rather go knowing what il be doing rather than not knowing! But thanks anyway.

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