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In short, I was medically discharged having done just under 14 years in 1996 and decided to not do the 'old soldier' routine... I lost most of my contacts as I moved on with civi life, I just put my head down and got on with it. Moving around the UK meant even the pension department lost touch with me for a while.

Last friday I went to see a specialist about my recurring left knee pain, having had an X-ray a week or 2 before. I was expecting to hear "needs a camera and a wash out" such luck. Shock Horror! Late stage 3, osteoarthritis - There's nothing left of the inner knee cartilage. Pain is from bone on bone contact! ....mmmm nice!

Now it looks like I'm about to revisit the past - cos I'm only 45 this year and shouldn't need a new knee for another 20 years... The Doc advised me if I was an ex-soldier to contact the VA - I did and they are sending out paperwork that may require a medical review.

I need a pointer from the experienced ARRSE members... I was medically discharged in 96 on a pension with a 20% disabled (service attrib) war pension for a shoulder injury. No probs with that... 10 year review came up in 2006 with no surprises - its not had a miracle cure from the 13 dislocations and 2 operations and I'm not chasing ambulances for more wonga! Job done get on with life...

I've done nothing in the last 15 years even close to physical :pl: but my knee has been building up for quite some time and now pressing the clutch to change gear hurts, which is no small problem for me, at a current average 700 miles a week! I've done no damage or trauma to my knees since leaving the army!

So, has my service career created this problem? I suppose it will be for a board to decide. I'm hoping the Army service that visibly shattered my left shoulder may also be responsible for the early damage to my knee that was never looked for in 96 - leading to my current problems?

I'm worried about how to approach this and not sure what is about to drop on the door mat from the VA. This isn't a review on my 'current / discharge' problem... its new and I don't have access to the same advice channels I used to have.

Any pointers greatly received!
And the Royal Signals would know about such things because............
I had a look around the message board and couldn't see a clear place to post the problem :? I had to start somewhere and I'm ex Royal Signals :pl:

If any experienced member would like to suggest or maybe a MOD move this thread to the appropriate location :nod: I'd appreciate the steer in the right direction.
After scratching around - I think the RHQ forum may be a better place (I don't doubt on recent form, I may take a bashing - but that's life!) However there hasn't been any MOD activity here, so close this thread and I'll repost...

I expect the military would say "your having pain when using the clutch on your car, and your drive 750 miles a week, and there was no knee injury attributable to military service when you left, Sorry. Advice - get an automatic".

Sorry mate, i think you'll fight a losing battle.

Talk to BAFF - see below:
Will do and big thanks ...also I’ll be off to SSAFA for advice...

My VA Questionnaire arrived today… It’s not a tick box exercise – but I knew that, hence the help request!

Having booked another consultation with the specialist, I now have time lines for impending operation options; there is no escape from the knife, it’s degenerative and surgery means, sooner rather than later

My pain threshold is all that delays the first cut! …So at the minute, considering the options, I will have to wait!

Seeing how DKMH left my shoulder looking like it was knitted rather than stitched… I’m looking forward to the National Health Service contribution to my ‘cover model’ career in the magazine – Butcher me! I might make February or March next year with the additional ‘work’ judged on my previous encounters. for the automatic, I've not 'driven' my knee to distruction according to the specialist and its not an option on the current company car list :thanks:

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