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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by macREME, Nov 11, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I was in the TA a couple of yeears ago and loved it, but i was presured into leaving. I really want to rejoin but have been given asthma medication when i had a chest infection. I know this will stop me joining the regulars but what about the TA?


  2. why would having asthma stop you joining regs as when i joined up in 82 i suffered from asthma and was taking injections every week during my school days and i was fine used to run the bft in 9 mins never had a problem with cfts either maybe see a quack first he will make you do a quick test and go from there.
  3. The regs wont let you in if you have had asthma or medication in the last four years. while i was in the TA i never had any problems with the CFT, i can do them all day long. wasnt so good at the BFT but that wasnt down to asthma or anything, im just not a great runner!!!

    I just wondered if the TA policy is th same?!
  4. the thing i found with the big fat tankie was go out on the waz the night before and every time i did i neede a s**t so i ran like hell to get back for one oh the joys of being an underworked over paid tankie who smoked 40 a day and drank a s**t load of ale
  5. sounds about right, we were always on the piss before anything like that!! works a treat like you say!

    I just want to check i can join before i go back to the unit end up wastin my and the recruiting staffys time!!!!
  6. does anyone have any idea about this? I'm hoping there are some recruiting staff on here who can help :)
  7. thats what they get paid for they are all on a cushy posting anyway either that or the regt wants to get rid of the dead wood anyway all the best mate ps have a pint for me over here in Canada the beer is crap
  8. cheers mate,

    Canada. I was there on holiday a few years ago, there was a lager called MOUNTAIN. that was about the best i could find ( i looked very very hard)

    all the best.

  9. its a shame all they have over here is larger but when you drank yellow hand bags and kraut beer as long as i did you will drink just about anything if you cant get your hands on a good pint of scrumpy so what unit are you looking at joining or dont it matter/
  10. I think it is the same. Ask online at the Army Online Careers Office.

  11. If you had an inhaler for a chest infection you didnt have asthma.Its just supposed to make you feel better.They gave me one when i started coughing in germany on the way to the sand pit .So dont let it put you off.
  12. to right just tell them that you want to do your part and that you are perfectly fit.
  13. to be honest, and i dont mean to sound all gung ho, but thats all i want to do, i missed out on telic 1 cause my ex pushed me into leaving. now shes long out of the way i want to be part of it again.

    so you recon that if i go to my doc and ask him to put on my records that it was for a chest infection i'll be ok? I've had asthma on my record from when i was a kid so i dont want to leave anything that will cause my application to be filed!
  14. like i said mate i had asthma when i was a kid its hayfever asthma and i had meds every week for nearly 8 years and when i got my med done the mo said i was fine and all i had to do was a fewq sit ups push ups and he listened to my chest and said you dont have asthma son so in i went good to know that i had so many holes stuck in me for that long for no reason according to a mo.
  15. This might well be true. Make sure you say you had a chest infection and was given salbutamol (or whatever). Don't say, "They thought I might have a touch of asthma", or even, "They gave me some asthma medication".

    In fact, make sure you never say the word "asthma". Ever.

    You should be fine.